Thursday, July 24, 2008

20 Year Reunion

Wholly cow, I must say first off, that I had a blast. I also need to say that I finally, after a lot of freaking out, I managed to get the damn dress to work. All for the sake of underwear!
Well, if you’ve been keeping up you know that I was having issues trying to make the dress less transparent for the reunion. After spending $70 on flesh colored shape wear (which I really don’t need!) the solution was wearing underwear with a built-in (?) girdle that went up to my chest and THEN a strapless Lycra slip that went over that and down to my knees. The point was not only to prevent it from being sheer but so I could wear underwear and have it not be seen because every time I put something else on (underwear, thong etc) under the Lycra slip you could see the lines from it…Anyways after that and bit of sewing (the neck line practically went to my waist, I forgot I don’t have boobs!) the dress was fine. I grabbed a beaded clutch, a pair of onyx and pearl drop earrings, a silver doubled chain for my neck, my 2 silver thumb rings and some 2” wedges to complete the look.

I drove out the Marriott and had to walk through a crowd of my fellow alumni waiting to get into the conference center. I walk through, past and up to room 211 where a few of my friends were relaxing and catching up prior to making our way down to the conference center. I had a captain and diet, took a few pictures before Rick, Tori, Jackie and I all headed down. Jackie is a friend of Tori’s and this was really the only I got to meet her and she and I hit it off immediately.

We walk down to the conference center and as soon as we came around the corner some woman comes flying out of the bar and asks us if we are here for the reunion, says she’s “so in so’s wife” and that she wanted to take pictures of us for the Alumni website. We pose, click. done. We walk up the desk I register, Rick, Tori and Jackie pick up their badges and we walk in to greet over 400 of our old classmates.

We immediately roll up to the bar and order beers and Rick takes my badge to wear along with his. I start to walk around with Tori and Jackie and realize, because I’m not wearing my name badge, no one knows who the monkey I am! I grab it back decide to take a bit of breather, have some dinner and 2 more cocktails before I mingle again.

I met old friends Chris Moody, Mike Munzen and Matt Beard and their significant others. I ran into my old neighbor (who I was constantly getting into fights with) on my way to the bathroom, ran into the guy who used to kick the shit out of me and even cut 5” of my hair off Sophomore year, and got hit on by my “arch nemesis’s” husband who happily proclaimed that I was “hot” and wanted to buy me a drink, even after I told him that his wife was a bitch. He laughed. Spoke to my g-friend Deb Bauer and her husband, who also bought me drink and was extremely lovely. Reconnected with old friends Shauna, Mardell, Kara and Trish. Who all proclaimed the reason why I wasn’t married was because I was still too wild. Niice

Spoke to one of my old crush’s who proclaimed that he and the Mrs. Just had their third child. When I rejected any sort of attempt at reconnection he sent his single friend over to win me over, which didn’t happen, even when he mentioned that he had money.. ??? Connected and hung out with my old friend Scott from North Carolina. I had noticed somewhere in the evening that the two guys I briefly went out with prior to the reunion both had opted not to attend , hmmmm.
Tori left around 10p and Jackie and Rick left around midnight, so hung out with Scott and then spoke to Jeff and his wife Michelle who were neighbors of mine prior to getting married. They happen to live in the same town I do but on the other side which was a surprise since we don’t have many people that live out by me.
The Marriott started to kick us out around 1:00am and Scott was trying to move the party to TGIFridays. I decided to skip it. I briefly checked on Rick in the room, and headed home for the evening.
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