Friday, June 13, 2008

Ode to My Youth

My 20 yr High School Reunion is coming up in about a month and thinking about the event has been opening up the floodgates of my memory. Makes me think of the songs I grew up, made out and drank to enjoy...
(no, I'm not trapped here, I did grow up...erhm a little!)

Check it all out here...RHS 1988 Reunion
K in 1988
K in 2008

Yeah,not bad for 300 years old huh?

Level 42

Come On Eileen
Not sure why this song makes me so happy…it’s sorta naughty..

Father Figure
I have lots’ o’ naughty memories that include this song….

When Doves Cry
I recognize some of these places….hey it’s Minnesota!

Stand Back
I love her!

Gregory Abbott
Sorta sexy tid-bit of a song..Love the lyrics though...
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