Friday, June 13, 2008

It’s All About the Prep

-Well, got a call last week about a position I applied for within The Electronics Company. It would be a move up, not a significant move, but a move up just the same. I’m hoping that if I get it, it will take care of the boredom, frustration and the cluster of “drunken retards” I’ve been supporting for the past year. I would be back at the level I was prior to leaving the bank. If I get it, be prepped, I’m taking ya’ll out!!! Ching!

-I got a call from my mortgage guy in regard to starting work on re-fi ing the house next month. My prepayment penalty ($3,000) expires in July then I can (hopefully) re-fi the house and lock the fucker down…Keep your fingers crossed on this too, this is the one that counts the most….I’m sooo not looking forward to this.

-I took my VO2 exam and my VO2 Max score is 35.47 which is good..
VO2 directly measures oxygen uptake while running. It was recommended that I perhaps train for a year prior to running a marathon. I guess I need to work on getting my VO2 score higher/my heart rate higher. I started on Tuesday. My heart rate needs to be around 146-150 bpm. It’s usually 135-146. I had my heart rate at 148 for 45 mins and my body was so sore I couldn’t sleep. I ended up sleeping on the sofa, with my legs pitched against the wall like a big L. I did it again the next day and it was less painful. I have also noticed that if I do a bit of yoga before I go to bed, my legs don’t hurt as much. However, what also came with that was the massive dehydration. I became so dehydrated I had a headache and had the urge to drink a lake. I don’t think I peed all day for 2 days…! Grr…

Things to do over the Weekend..?

Meet folks for supper 5p-7p

Run 9am-10am
Airport 2p-8p
(?) BA show at Harriet 8p-?

Run 9am-10am
Airport 1p-9:15p
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