Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rock n’ Roll all Night…Party Everyday!

I was sort of stymied on what to do this weekend since I had made plans to go to Chicago Friday, thru Monday. But as plans sometimes do, they fell through and I wasn’t able to go.

Friday, May 23rd

Worked all day and decided to go with The Beth and Rachel to Decoy’s in Hopkins for dinner and to see my favoritest band EVER-Hairball (loves me some RSB).

Saturday, May 24th

For Dayna’s birthday, Kelly, Dayna and I all decided to go to Valleyfair. I’m not one who rides the rides. To be honest I’m a huge “phobe”. I’m afraid of germs, heights and water so Valleyfair isn’t exactly conductive to any of those things. I got over it and myself quickly enough when the first ride we “warmed up” on was the antique cars and once the engine popped and Dayna practically had a stroke, I lost it!
After the antique cars we when on some water ride (no it wasn’t the flume) and were soaked. It took us all day to dry out and at 11am it was still in the 50’s and windy!
Then we hit the rollercoaster’s and the corkscrew. The corkscrew was sort of a turning point for me since it both encompasses water and heights but once I opened my eyes I was screaming with laughter at how fun it was. So, that was fun to say the least.
Around 4:30p we took our sunburned asses home to change before going to see Hairball at Primetime. Up until now Kelly was a Hairball virgin; that was before she was sensorally assaulted. She now loves them, especially the Happy-man (most flexible man in the universe). We drank (hush, I had seltzer water and cranberry juice), danced and oogled the boys until about 1:30a.

Sunday, May 24th

My folks had mentioned recently that they hadn’t seen me much these days so I decided to spend the day with them. Unfortunately my mum was working all day, so I spent the day with my dad.
Around 6p I headed over to Ernesto’s for a BBQ, “old school style”. Beer brats, roasted chicken, potato salad, beans, salad, dill potatoes and homemade apple pie! Once the sun started to set, we sat outside on the deck with beers and talked until our thoughts even hurt.

Monday, May 25th

Got up a bit early and went down to the Cannon cemetery to pay my respects to my grandparents (my maternal grandfather was a decorated WWII vet). Cleaned and spiffied up the house for the up and coming week.
Dad called and told me of a deal that Home Depot had on deck furniture so I bought 2 indoor/outdoor carpets, a deck set (4 chairs, table and umbrella) and a new doorbell; which I’ve been needing for about a year now. At sundown I sat out on my deck and enjoyed the smell of barley and freshly cut grass on my new patio furniture… So, all in all, I had a jam packed weekend, though it wasn't exactly what I planned.
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