Friday, April 25, 2008

Nothing Like Watching Your Idol Trip & Fall...

Sunday Night- April 20th
We all pile in Beth’s car to travel the 5 hours from Minnesota to Green Bay, Wisconsin.
We arrived to our room at about 5-5:30p and got all dolled up to meet the girls and see the Nelson Brother’s show.
We hit the lounge around 6-6:30p and met up with Hensch, Tracy, Barb and Connie. The Twins hit the stage around 7:30p. We all were excited and really got into the music etc. We recognized some “repeat offenders” from the last year (I’ll explain this later). Generally we all had a good time. A few of us hit the merch table and then out to the lobby for the usual meet and greet, only the Twins didn’t show. My group and a few others sat out in the lobby for 30-40 mins waiting until I realized that what we were waiting on wasn’t going to happen. Apparently one of them has a penchant for much younger girls that are a size 4 and under. He was too busy catering to his and her ego to bother with any of us. We figured, to hell with that, and we went on our merry way to Denny’s for some eats in our jammies and then hotubbing until about 3am.

Monday Night-April 21st
I wake up at 10am to the maid trying to get into our room. Scared the crap out of all of us. Shannon took off for a bit with Hensch and The Beth, Em and I all slowly got up and dressed to head on down to breakfast. Sure as shit hitting the fan there were the guys sitting diagonally from us having breakfast and a fairly heated phone conversation. We let them be and continued to have our breakfast. Apparently Bret Michaels was in town too and a few of the girls felt it necessary to get his autograph. I declined; afraid I might lose IQ points if I got too close. A few hours and drinks later the Twins hit the stage and rocked us out for 2 hours. Once the Bret Michaels show ended, all his “insecure and scantily dressed” fans came into the lounge and caused all sorts of havoc. I was verbally assaulted by some drunk guy and his friend who wanted to:
A- take pictures of my ass,
B-Wanted to buy me a drink,
C- Give me a kiss.
When I declined on all accounts he got pissed and pitched a huge fit which seemed to get Gunnar’s attention. We were all in line for the “Meet and Greet” when I hear one of the Twins getting a bit “bitchy” about how we have to get the line moving, hurrying up, and being picky about which one got to take pictures with whom. The Beth came up and indicated that she wasn’t going to get her pix with them if that was the attitude. I agreed and passed as well. Now I was getting pissed. In years past, the guys were more than accommodating. Saying hi to us in the halls and thanking us for coming etc. None of that so far. Not even a smile-what the f-uh?! Then it occurred to me, He’s bitchy due to one of two things. 1- All his liaisons were there wanting his attention. 2- He wanted to get laid. See the first night we were blown off because “Denny’s girl” the girl that was at Denny’s with him last year (she’s approx 21-22 years old and about a size 4), then “rake face” who was an ass to a few of my friends in Milwaukee last year, and whores herself out to get G-man’s attention had shown up, then lastly “Thing 1 and Thing 2” who (probably about 21-22 years old and size 4’s as well) who are little assholes as they rudely sat their butts in front of the oldsters at the casino and refused to move when asked by me and the oldster. Hmmm, I figure, whatever and the girls and I go about our night as usual. We went to Denny’s (again) celebrated what I thought was going to be The Beth’s birthday and to my surprise, mine too!! BOON!!! I was stunned to even be included!!!

After dinner we went back to the hotel to swim and hit the hot tub! When we hit the lobby of the hotel, who was there; Matt and G, with “rake face” waiting by the elevator. Apparently she asked a couple of the girls what we’d been up to. Why would she care? Grrrr.

We decided to hit the sheets at about 4am and around 4:15a Shan, The Beth, Em and I get a call from the other girls indicating she bumped into the “single” Twin coming onto the elevator with “Thing 2” and both looking all disheveled. I was surprised and pissed. See, none of us want to “hook up” with him. We enjoy the music, I’ve personally liked them since the beginning, most of us have. They both (one more than the other) claim they try to be “Christ-like” and don’t do that sort of thing. Time and time again it’s been talked and written about and to see this pisses me off. Nothing like catching your idol doing something they claim they’d never do-it’s disappointing at the very least. The part that pisses me off is the hypocrisy and the fact that they both blew off their fans “bread and butter” for a piece of ass. Niice. As with most insecure chicks who wanna get laid by musicians; they would wait until the cows came home to get with them. This instance is no different.

Tuesday-April 22nd
We all slowly got up, showered and changed. After hanging out for a bit me and a couple of the girls decided to workout. I change into my sweats, pull my hair back and wash up my face and wait for the elevator. The elevator door opens and who is in it? Gunnar, Matthew and JP. I get in-in between Matthew and JP. I instantly get pissed all over again. I look over and G-man is staring at me. I rub my blood shot eyes and stare right back. He realizes that he’s staring and proceeds to check his hair in the reflection in the picture across from JP and I before the elevator door opens and he charmingly asks me if I’d like to exit before them. I glare and say “yep, thanks” as I exit. I don’t even look back as I storm into the workout room muttering to myself about what an ass he is. None of them said hello or anything when I was in the elevator. Matthew was on his cell and JP was staring into space..????? After I had time to chill out, I realized “Wow K, you look like shit and were in the elevator in front of these guys looking like shit!! HA!!!”
I go back to our room, shower, change, and head down to the lounge with the rest of my friends. I notice “rake face” staring at my friends and I periodically, then she smiled. My first thought, “ Oh, hell no you don’t!” I let it go and rocked out to the show. We skipped the “meet and greet” and decided to go get something to eat. We eat and spend our last night hot tubbing. As we leave for the pool we see a local and “rake face” walking with JP to his room. I thought, “You gotta be kidding me!?” This is the sort of crap I try to avoid and certainly do not want to be apart of. What is so damn awesome about being some rock star’s one night stand in Wisconsin??? If I wanted a one nighter, I could get one –so could anyone…I just don’t get it and I don’t want that crap around my friends either.
Anyway, I crashed early, around 1:00am I think. I was too tired to stay up and hang out.

Wednesday, April 23rd
We all woke up early the next and last day in Green Bay. We all had breakfast together and stood outside; trying not to be the first to say goodbye and get the waterworks a rolling. Sure enough, after about an hour we literally had to say goodbye. We hugged, cried and said our goodbyes before heading back to our individual homes and lives.
On the 5 hour drive back home I continued to debate whether or not I should go back in August. If I do I’m not sure if I want to see the Nelson twins. I was not impressed with the attitude and shoddy treatment of us, all over a few stoopid groupies. I certainly don’t want those chicks hanging around my friends and I. I also don’t want to condone that type of behavior either.
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