Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Health Things, Marathon Training and Such…

Well my annual cancer screening was last week and I think for the most part it went well. I chose to work from home due to the soreness of being stuck, poked and prodded 3 times that week. I have a high threshold for pain but even I have my limits.

I postponed my PCOS exam until next week to catch up and recover mentally from last week’s dealy and to wait for the results.

The last week in May I’m reserving for the appt with my Sports Med doc. He’ll be poking and testing me cardio-vascularily to make sure I don’t have stroke if/when I start marathon training. Yep, gonna and TRY to do it. Whether I can or not remains to be seen. I have a feeling the PCOS is preventing me from losing my last 20-30lbs and my legs aren’t up to task of all the running I will need to be doing. We’ll see though.

Drop It Like It's Hot Ender..

I was planning on posting this in April but I was so pissed. The Drop It Like It’s Hot contest….The one I entered to see if I could win $2,000 for dropping the most weight or BMI..I was disqualified because I didn’t lose a thing in the last 6 weeks of the contest. I completely maintained everything. I was pissed, still am. I’m going to have to talk to my Sports Med Dr. I don’t see how I could maintain when I workout as much as I do, I’m thinking it’s almost impossible. Shit, I should be in top shape by now…

I’m thinking of just doing concentrations of leg and abs and 1 day a week the rest of my body. See if that helps. Grrr.
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