Thursday, May 01, 2008

Giving Her Up...

A few weeks before my trip I was having some issues sleeping, so I sat up in the dark I watched the cats playing. I’ve always known that my male cat, Gabriel jumped on my female cat, Katie and bit her etc. I always assumed it was him playing and her not wanting to. As I watched them I noticed that he not only bit her but scratched her as well. Scratched her to the point of her bleeding. I swatted him off of her and let it go.

I had also noticed that she was having more frequent episodes of peeing on my stuff and on the carpet. I kept a better eye on them and realized that Gab was sitting at the bottom of the stairs, and when Katie would try to pass him to get to the litter box and he’d bite and scratch her. So she’d go backup stairs. I watched this happen for about 30 mins before interfering and she immediately went into the litter box. I decided right then that it would probably be better to give her up to a better home.

I asked around and it occurred to me that my g-friend Rachel might be the right person. Rachel and her b-friend Chad have a small house with a garden in Minneapolis. They had 4 cats and after 13 years they are now down to one. I called her and asked she said no but there was a young girl that she worked with that was looking to get a cat. Rachel gave me her number and we talked for about an hour and I made her a deal. I told her that since I was going on vacation for 3 days I’d drop Katie off and after I got back she could tell me whether or not she wanted her. If she didn’t, I’d take her back. If so, she was all hers. No harm-no foul.

I dropped Katie off around 9am on Sunday. Loved, hugged and smooched her before I left. I knew this girl would love her. Katie is sweet and docile. This girl didn’t have any other animals, is very cozy with her and isn’t gone all the time like I am. Katie would be getting all the love, petting and attention she needed. I managed to keep it together until I got out to the car, then I lost it.

I called the girl on Thursday when I returned from vacation and she wanted to keep her. I assumed. I feel bad that I had to give her up but I think it’s for the best. Katie has a better home.
Bye- bye my sweet girl…

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