Monday, May 12, 2008

Comics/ More Feminine Than Me?/ One Crappy Job..


I’ve been a graphic novel fan forever! I moved a bit into comics when I was in junior high buying a few Spiderman, Superman, Batman, and Creep Show comics here and there. Some of my friends call me a comic-virgin…

I was always a fan of the Crow. For some reason the graphic novels seem very Shakespearian and romantic to me. I also met John O’Barr (creator of the Crow series) at Atomic Comics in Phoenix and yes, he’s very Shakespearian and tragic.

As of late I have a new comic lust. Iron Man. If you haven’t seen
It’s not exactly in my “comic” comfort zone but it’s damn good. I loved it. I’m a total “fact” geek and it scientifically made sense and was funny. It’s a Marvel comic character created by Stan Lee (Spiderman). I love Robert Downey Jr’s new look and boy now that he’s clean and sober; he’s become hotter at the ripe age of 43!! Hee! Oh! and if you do go see it, stick around until after the credits…there’s a bit of a surprise .... wink!

More Feminine Than Me?

I went out on a date with this HOT guy about a week ago. He asked me out. We started to hang out a bit and then it happened. He randomly bumped himself on something and I swear he squealed like a girl! Wha?! I felt bad for almost laughing due to the fact he hurt himself but I couldn't believe that reaction was coming out of this guy! His mannerisms etc are also very feminine, down to hand gestures. (Guys, it’s the equivalent of a woman having man hands!!!)

As the dates with him progressed I realized that this guy is more feminine than I am. I have a tendency to rotate toward guys who are “cowboys”. Motorcycle riding, boot wearing, tattoo wearing, piercing, man’s men. I’m a bit “rough and tumble” myself so .. Think of Russ Crowe getting hit and then screaming and jumping around like a 6 year old girl. Yeah-that! This guy looks the part but is not at all. I think the good Lord threw this guy an odd combo of being very “manly/masculine” looking but giving him the mannerisms of Nathan Lane. To say the least we will just be friends. Sigh.
He’s also a bit rude. Whether we were eating, working out, at the movies, or where ever..he always answers his cell phone. I’m certainly not partial to that!

Electronics’ Company

I’m going back to the bank. Seriously. I think I had the “Midas” touch there, for everything that can go wrong at the electronics’ company does. I think most of the people here are assholes or are drunk. I know they’re all driving me to drink that’s for sure. Not that I’m the brightest light on the tree but wholly shit people!

I’ve been planning a meeting event for the past 6 months with an event planner representing an outside company. I’d pretty much done this sort of thing at the bank so I’m thinking no problem right? Umm, not so fast there sports fans….6 months should be plenty of time to plan an event for 20 CFO’s, CEO’s, COO’s , OOOOO’s whatever…apparently not… Every time I set up a conference call to make sure we were all on track I was the only one who’d show, in the plethora of e-mails sent back and forth it was lost in translation that the “in house” caterer we use is not affiliated with the Electronics company, they are an independent vendor so they need

This company was just not willing to play ball even though I’d given them all the equipment. The day of the event, 15 mins prior to kick-off they decide that now would be a good time to set up….They wanted extension cords, podiums to be moved, flip charts, markers, wireless access and someone to sit up front and let in the attendees. Let’s say the meeting didn’t start on time. The event planner had no clue about anything, including how to refresh her laptop!

A week ago a van full of guys pull next to me in the parking ramp and when I opened my door to get out so did one the passengers. He had the nerve to tell me to shut my door so he could get out, even though I was there and opened my door first. He didn’t even care that he hit my car with his door. You bet I read him the riot act, sprinkled with a few large curse words for confusion.

I don’t get why people walk in the middle of aisle of the parking ramp-I’ve come close to hitting I don’t know how many people.. I don’t get why every meeting starts late and I get made fun of for being on time.. I don’t get why their idea of going to 8 meetings in a day is the equivalent to being busy.. I don’t get why telling some one “no” because it can’t be done is considered mean, whereas saying “yes” and not getting it done is commended. I don’t get why they expect “miracles” every day; the King of all creation doesn’t create miracles on the daily and I’m only a Princess.
I don’t get it period, and I want out!
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