Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Disappointingly, it seems that lately “Crush” has a new “g-friend”. The girls and I watched throughout the night his new fling “making nice” with his friends, g-friends of other band members and the band members themselves. She was doing the same things that I always see band girls (g-friends) do. What I call “peeing on trees” aka “marking their territory.”
I was talking to P about this the other night and granted it seems all too much like high strung, high school drama bull shit all over again, it’s one of those instances that has always caught my attention and eye-unintentionally.

I think some women (not all women) usually have some sort of an agenda when they meet a guy. They get a “preconceived” notion that a guy is a certain way. What his personality is like etc. We then bundle all that up and carry it with us throughout the relationship and impose that notion on the guy. The guy could be a tool and yet the women will throw this notion over him like a blanket, which unfortunately give him plenty of room to behave poorly. This is what is happens when a guy treats a woman like crap. She’ll continue to wait for him even though he’s taking his sweet time with whatever, well, because she’ll wait because she likes him. In the back of her mind is that belief that there’s that “notion” within his personality somewhere.

In relation to “Crush’s” new g-friend, granted, his job is to talk to all his fans to keep them coming. The more fans, the more money he makes-they are his bread and butter.
If she were at all smart, caring and secure with herself and relationship she’d be in the background and be more benign. She’d go to see his shows (not all of them), go separately, be with her own friends, sit anywhere but up front and center, not acquire his attention at all times and if she became tired, wave to him as she left to go home….

I think most men don’t like being “suffocated”, smothered or hung on. I believe most men, especially artisans hate it when their wife/g-friend interferes with their livelihood. This was another situation the girls and I observed when we went out.

The singer’s g-friend saw him speaking to a female fan. The g-friend not only gave the fan the once over and accompanied grimace, but came up to her singer b-friend and wrapped her arm around him, making her presence known. The female fan ignored her, then the g-friend continued to be obnoxious and rude to the fan (who just talking about music not about sleeping with him) who just ignored her. Singer/b-friend was noticeably pissed and snapped at his g-friend who pretty much blew him off and walked away. I wanted to be a bitch and just tell her that if she wants to continue to have a relationship with him, she needs to knock that crap off. He’s going to get sick of the shit and tell you to hoof it. This particular girl I’ve seen before. She always makes herself known to everyone in the area, pitches a fits if she can’t have a table in the front of the stage, feels the need to announce to people that she’s the singer’s g-friend. Recently, she held “court” with “Crush’s” g-friend and one of the other member’s g-friend’s, both making it known to whom they were attached too.

There is another woman who does this as well. It’s a constant fight to sit up front and see the band because this woman is adamant that she gets priority because she’s a wife. We aren’t there because we want to sleep with the band members (most are married), they are our friends and we like the music. Even though we get there to see them 2 hours early, this woman pitches a bitch-fit every time, telling us to move because she and her friends are more important because she’s the wife of one of the members. Being that I don’t want to make things uncomfortable for the other members of the band, I choose to ignore such “retarded and childish-groupie behavior”, but if pushed the “hammer will come down” so to speak. Intimidation tactics and bitching don’t work on me, just make me laugh at how dumb you really are, and if you don’t think so you’re sort of proving it to the world at large…

So next time your at a show, take look around at who’s in the front row. It’s probably not a groupie, but the insecure g-friend of a band member who’s got an agenda.
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