Thursday, April 03, 2008

Steady Tremor

The weekend was really good considering a few things happened..err, didn’t happen more or less.
I was set up by a friend to speak to someone and chickened out at the last minute after making a big deal about it. Pisses me off, how I can pretty much can talk to anyone but this Which brings up “Christian”. The guy for some bizarre reason has literally shattered any confidence I had. I find myself questioning everything these days, in constant doubt and needing self assurance. I’m even wondering why I work out anymore!! It’s pathetic and insane..the guy is a moron! Some of my friends have seen this and have taken it upon themselves to “torture” him a bit. Granted, it’s all immature but he hurt me, so I’m watching passively while my friends hurt him. Funny thing about it all is that they're mean as hell to him and he keeps coming back! If I’d known he was one for being tortured I’d a brought my riding crop and “toys” on our date and beat the crap out of him a bit!!

Bringing all this up brings me to the point of this entry…the thing we’ve dubbed “The Pipeline”… I have mentioned previous that I have a really good sense of intuition that I regularly ignore only to have blow up in my face…well, I’m feeling little “tremors” roll through and have felt something big is going to happen that will affect myself and roll onto my friends. I can’t be sure of what it is, only that it is happening. It started around my birthday and is slowly rolling itself out.
I’ll let you know what happens when it all rolls out because I thought I was the first one that it hit and I was wrong, it was Rachel and Anne…so…
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