Saturday, April 19, 2008

God, Finally !!!

Well I finally got up the nerve to speak to “Crush” again. I’m beginning to wonder if I intimidate him. If that is the case, I’ll be pissed.
It happened the second night of The Beth’s party and she, D, and myself all approached him. The Beth did her “patented” move and he turned around. She mentioned the fact that he added things to his repertoire that were really great and she left it open for me to add….I think I said something stooped like “yeah, you really rocked it..” and “yeah, I really like when you did this….” WHAT?! HUH?! I didn’t know what else to say so D took over. She shoved him and said “Hey what’s up?”, “How are you?” yadda, yadda, yadda before some dumb girl interrupted us with a retarded request.
Granted the man is clueless about how much I like him. The thing I have noticed in the two times I’ve spoken to him is that he looks at everyone else but me when I’m in front of him. When I’m not right in front of him, we usually end up locked eyes and smiling at each other or he’ll go back to staring at me. Pisses me off. We are both chickens apparently.
I know I’m driving all my friends crazy with this thing so in talking with Das and P about it. They are guys after all and “Crush’s” age. They both think I should ask him out. Just a simple “hey, you wanna go get something to eat after the show?” or “wanna meet for a drink sometime in the next week?” I’ve always thought that if a guy wanted to go out with me etc, he should be the one to ask me, but this guy has girls coming out of his ears and he doesn’t know me from Eve so perhaps I should be the one to ask. If he expresses disinterest…oh well…I guess…..

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