Friday, April 18, 2008


K’s assessment of work: “While I have prior experience in my current field I feel that I need to be challenged more via more work, and more complicated tasks that require the use of my strengths and knowledge base. At this time I do not feel that my strengths are being utilized which unfortunately result in more mistakes. My boss and I have discussed a general "plan" that will hopefully utilize my skill set and have me become more of an asset to the dept. I also am in the process of completing my B.A. in the next 18 months."

They said:
K has learned the basics of her new role. She has made some progress in her concerns about interrupting or intruding, since the beginning in her position; her confidence has increased. She has been particularly helpful in figuring out IT and systems issues which was a skill we did not know she possessed. She has done good job coordinating special events (i.e. Classes and a Manager’s Retirement Party). In terms of the quality of her work and relationships, she has a number of opportunities going forward. It will important to double check her work for accuracy; there have been periods in which the accuracy of her work has been problematic. Equally important is the need for her to ask for direction when clarity is needed to complete the work requested of her. K needs to ask for more work if she has capacity; she would bring more value to the team by proactively identifying opportunities where she can take initiative to support her teams. K needs to be more resourceful in resolving problems: Sometimes it seems she stops at the first dead end or doesn’t try alternate solutions. This includes everything from finding cell phone numbers to setting up timely meetings with executives. There are times when if she cannot do something immediately or doesn’t have a solution or know how to leverage her in house network she will flatly respond “NO” to the request. Extra effort or a conversation about why she cannot assist would be helpful in developing solid relationships; without this she appears to be unapproachable and intimating. In addition people on the team end up doing things themselves because they don’t know how to reach/find her. From a feedback perspective, she can be defensive and doesn’t take responsibility for her mistakes. Some of the people she supports have begun to do the work themselves because it gets done with accuracy and in a timely manner; it’s just “easier to do it myself.”

For the first time in my working life, I received a C on my appraisal. All of the things that made me an A lister at the bank, are the same things the Electronics company hates about me.
I was told that this is typical for anyone who’s been with the company for 10 months. I had to politely remind that I’m not just anyone, and I find this unacceptable. I found a majority of it unfair and untrue.

Suck a fire out of my ass, I’m outta here.
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