Monday, March 03, 2008

I’ve Been Calm About It….

My car died on me again last Friday on 494 and Robert St….I spent $50. to have it towed to my mechanics house and then brainstormed ideas of what to do about it with Das, P and my dad. Good news is that the timing chain broke and that was basically about it. No damage to the block, pistons nothing…So the timing chain will be replaced, a few minor things fixed on the inside and all done by March 6th or 7th. Begged (at least my idea of begging) my folks for the use of one of their cars until the green machine is fixed and then me working, selling and consolidating to be able to pay for it all.

Prepping for the “worst case scenario” on the house. I have an appt with my mortgage guy and hoping to hear from one of the lenders on payment negotiation and try to get a hold of the other one on the status of the renegotiation I submitted 6 months ago. Either way I want all my debt gone before any of this hits which would be in April/May. In case of “worst case scenario” I have hired someone to manage my finances. I’m gone so damn much I never have time to pay my bills which then everything for months gets behind…

Submitted my taxes and am hoping to get those back by next week and will throw that on a large chunk of my debt.

Have a couple of interviews with people I’m considering to room with me for a couple of months…
Hoping to get back into the clinic at the end of the month for the second part of my leg surgery and finally completing the last in April so I can have my legs back by summer. Wanna really get into training for some light 5k’s or half marathons this year….not sure if I can pull it off until everything’s put to bed.

I know I said I was pretty much over my latest “Crush” but I lied! In seeing him this last weekend etc made me change my mind-again. Finding out that the girl that said was his g-friend- wasn’t, and a few other things that were unfairly told to me….seems to open up the world a bit. Now with the new info given to me recently I have become more intrigued and find that we have more in common than I thought previously…whatever that means….so we’ll see what happens, I AM patient and so mellow people are lulled into a false sense of security-so it’s been said.
Also found out that a guy that works for TSA at the airport has taken a liking to me as well. He looks like a bald Russ Crowe. AND he’s an athlete AND works out 5-6 days a week!!! I likey!!!
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