Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Couldn’t Make This Shit Up, Even If I Wanted Too….

Wow, this entry gives my moniker a new meaning...perhaps I'll change it now.

I was walking through the gym at work, toward the women’s locker room when I hear someone behind me “sneeze”, I look and it’s this African American guy covering his mouth and nose…I feel something damp on my back and ass as I walk into the locker room and when I look in the mirror I realize the guy vomited all down my back and legs…No shit! Just some random incident that seems to happen to me on the daily…

I stood there for a second and it was as if my brain short circuited (mild case of OCD kicking in BIG time now!)…I started to scream, gag and cry. This nice woman (feeling bad for me I suppose) figured out what my problem was and offered to help get me out of my soggy clothes….As she’s telling me this I kept thinking once I take off my shirt, the barf is going to end up in my hair and face and I’m really gonna freak. We managed to peel off my clothes with little issue and try to get me into the shower. I thought I could take a shower but the gym ran out of towels so I ended up washing my hair a bit and drying myself off with paper towels instead. I rinsed out my clothes, dried them off best I could with a blow dryer and switched them out with my airport uniform. Once I had a second to calm down and dry my face, I decided to forgo my workout and just leave for the airport…

As I’m leaving, I run into a couple of co-workers who saw that I wasn’t looking right. I told them what happened, and started crying again. Then I left…
Once I really got it under control-on the train, I called P and Hensch to tell them what had happened. Hensch laughed and felt bad, wondering if that could actually be considered assault. P became irate and pissed because someone; who wasn’t thinking; made me upset.

By the time I got to the airport I was laughing about it…As usual some random weird thing happened…A plane might as well have fallen from the sky and fell on me as I was crossing the street…Seriously, I couldn’t make this shit up.

PS. I still haven't heard from my date...bummer ~sigh~
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