Friday, February 08, 2008

Of Course He Does!

It was pointed out to me recently that my current “Crush”, the one noted in my last blog, now has a g-friend. Yep, of course he does and why wouldn’t he? He’s a fairly good looking guy, in the local eye enough to have his choice of girls. Why would he choose a smart girl who would be a confident observer; his silent champion over some random chick that resembles one of his most rabid groupies? Why would he want a woman who takes care of herself over a girl who would rather starve herself into a size 2? Hmmm, I’m not sure I know the answers to these questions, but I am very disappointed that he chooses the latter of the two based on what it is- literally. Granted he doesn’t even know that I liked him or my name for that matter. He’s seen me, boy has he seen me, but I don’t think he’s put two and two together as being the blonde, curly haired girl and the blonde/black straight haired girl that comes to the shows.

As far as his new g-friend is concerned, I would think it would be common knowledge that it’s never a good idea to make it known to everyone that you are a public person’s g-friend/b-friend, wife/husband with the expectation of the public to care. If they do, you might find yourself with a bloody horse head next to you in the morning. Any decent artist worth their salt is gonna have tons of rabid fans, national or local.. Contingencies….

This one apparently is “Crush’s” personal cheerleading squad and happened to announce to a friend (on a crowded dance floor no less) that she was indeed his latest flavor of the month whilst trying to get his attention by screaming his name and holding his hand while he was performing. One of my friends’ overheard it and had informed me. That was just two people, and if I heard it, you know several others had too.

I was and remain disappointed. Before she arrived, he spent his usual time staring at me from behind the amps, and then after she arrived I got to spend the rest of the time staring at his back. Which leads me to believe that there is intent to cheat…not good.

While I remain disappointed, please note my self- esteem remains intact. You're not going to see this girl sitting around sulkying over it for I didn’t like him because he was in a band; I liked him because I thought he was smart, witty and perhaps interesting. We seem to have a lot in common…. I was apparently wrong. I’m sort of glad it turned out this way and he didn’t reject me, for I certainly don’t deal with rejection…all. Out of the 974,252,598 men in Minnesota I have a buffet to choose from, so get in line and take a number, you have now been taken out unless you can prove that your IQ is higher than your current flavor’s.

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