Monday, February 18, 2008

I Vomited on my Shoes...

OK, gotta tell ya that dealing with my mortgage or even talking about it for that matter makes me physically ill. I’ve been writing about how for the last 6-7 months my mortgage adjusted and it’s been making my finances really tight….How I can’t refi because the market etc is so bad…My last attempt at a re-fi tanked because within a 4 month period my house depreciated by $25,000, well I found out just the other day that the value of my house depreciated again, now to be worth less than what I paid for it. It certainly doesn’t help that 7 properties in my community are in default.

I made an appt to go into my mortgage guy’s office at 10a to contact both lender’s and see if they can shave off $7,000 between the two of them, that way I can re-fi into a 30 year fixed and finally have payments be a bit more manageable…

We call the first one-twice and got an answering machine… We called the second and got a chick named Stacey. What a cow! She laughed and then asked “What’s the incentive for us?” My mortgage guy laid it out and she basically told us that if I default or not matters not to them for they will get their money no matter what. If she were me she’d sell the house and pay them their share of the money…. At this point I was pissed. I instantly shot back, “Hey, this isn’t funny, nor is this fun for me. I’d rather be doing something else other than dealing with this. I think a little empathy is in order here and if you’re this apathetic you must be very good at your job…” I told my mortgage guy to mute the phone and freaked out about how what a jerk she was being about it. I understood that they need to play hardball but to tell me that they’d go after me for “everything I’ve got” Is just plain out mean and unnecessary. She could have cared less if I was dying on top of the house as long as I keep paying… By the time the conversation was over both hands were covering my mouth and tears of anger were streaming down my face. This is why I had to have someone speak on my behalf. I know enough about myself to know I would either cry or get pissed. My mortgage guy came up with another alternative, to re-fi at the 30 yr fixed and then set me up with a small loan for $7,000. I immediately cried and said no. I felt it was taking a step backward and I still need to pay my folks a large chunk of debt they are taking on for me. With a couple of days to think about it. I think to be able to finally put this to bed, I’m going to do it. Just to be able to lock down the rate.

We are in process of negotiating with each lender to see if they'll take off money of each loan and I can re-fi with taking on any more debt. He seems to thing I have a shot in hell so I’m hoping we do and can move forward with this…I was so damn upset this whole thing on Wednesday I literally barfed over the side of the parking ramp before calling my ex to have him “talk me down” to sanity enough to drive myself home.
I’m certainly not happy that I will have to work the airport job until summer, not happy that I have to now find a roommate until summer and that I will in debt again and have to wait on buying a car until summer. All contingent on whether or not these lenders will play ball. I’m not sure if I feel all that comfortable with anyone or anything controlling my life this much, but I love my house so I guess I better get used to it.
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