Friday, February 29, 2008

Drop It Like It’s Hot-6 week follow up!!

OK folks I’ve managed to make it into the top 25!!!

In 6 weeks
Height-5ft 7.5 in

Weight-157.0 lb (shooting for 135lbs-140lbs)
BMI-27.2% (shooting for 11%-15%)
BMR-1536kcal->( how many cals I burn at rest)- up by 63
Fat%-35.7% - Down by 2.8%
Fat - Down by 4.2%

Desirable Range
Fat%-22-33% (I’m shooting for 11-15%)
Fat Mass-28.2-52.2lb (I’m shooting for 20.2-25.0 lbs)

Segmental Analysis
Right Leg
Fat%-37.3% - Down by 1.5%
Fat Mass-11.6 lb
Predicted Muscle Mass-18.4 lb

Left Leg
Fat%-37.9% -Down by 1.6%
Fat Mass-11.6 lb
Predicted Muscle Mass-17.8 lb

Right Arm
Fat%-37.4% -Down by 1%
Fat Mass-3.2 lb
Predicted Muscle Mass-5.4 lb

Left Arm
Fat%-37.1% -Down by 1.6%
Fat Mass-3.4 lb
Predicted Muscle Mass-5.8 lb

Fat%-34.1% -Down by 3.9%
Fat Mass-32.2 lb
Predicted Muscle Mass-59.6 lb
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