Monday, January 14, 2008

The One Thing that Keeps Me…

Sunday at the airport sucked. I hadn’t made a sale in 7 hours, people were mean and hateful, my co-worker was whiney, I was ready to hang myself due to boredom, my favorite football team was losing; I was crabby! I’m one of those people that when I see something on someone that I like, I tell them. Most people think that when I do this that I want something when actually I’m being sincere and I might even go as far as asking where they got it….
This was the case when I met Cheryl. I was in the terminal talking to P on my cell about the shitty day I was having and he asked me “well was there any positives today?” My answer was no. Other than the above happening, I also said my peace to a bunch of kids who were making smart remarks about my co-worker . So my day couldn’t be worse I told him. “I’ll let you think about that, and you can call me later when you leave ok?” P said. I sat there for a minute and noticed the really pretty faux sapphire and diamond necklace on this older woman. I didn’t say anything and walked back into my store to finish my shift.

A few minutes later that same woman walked into my store and then I commented about her necklace. She thanked me and told me that she sold them and would I be interested in a catalog. She gave me the catalogs and for the next 45 mins she and I talked about being single-me at 37 and she at 57. See, her husband died when she was packing their truck up to go back home from their cabin-in April 2007. She’d been married to him for 38 years and was having some difficulty dealing with his absence. She told me that she sold their home and moved to their cabin they’d spent 2 years building for their retirement. She admitted that since her husband died it left her the ability to retire from her job and not have to worry about money. She was thinking of getting back into the dating scene and mentioned to me about how dating has changed. How it’s become crass and aggressive.
She asked me to e-mail her if I wanted to order any of the jewelry and I told her that I’d just e-mail to see how she was doing-if that was ok? She thanked me, said she’d be looking for my e-mail and then commented about how it was a shame that someone hadn’t swept me off my feet, for I was really great person. I thanked her, and she was off to catch her flight back home. Thanks Cheryl…talk to you soon!
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