Monday, December 17, 2007

Where Did It Go?

I gotta tell ya, I’ve had a busy few days here and hardly any sleep which for me I guess is typical.

Friday- Worked until 6:30p (knowing I was going to be out on Monday morning) to prep for a big meeting members of my team are having..
Met, A.B., Rob and D at Old Chicago for dinner and to chat. It was our first time out together, outside of work…didn’t get home until 11p.

Saturday- Worked at the airport from 11a-7p, rushed home to change and meet Kim at Primetime in Burnsville to see Bad Animals. Hung out with Kelly, Leni’s sister (who is a riot!), Randy their photographer, and of course all the other usual suspects. Texted the girls periodically throughout the day since they road tripped out to Nashville to catch Scrap Metal at the Wildhorse. They got there, saw, conquered and arrived back home all in one piece. See there, here and here
Got home at 3am

Sunday- Worked 12p-8p at the airport and ran errands to Target-exchanged a shirt, Walgreen's-more make up supplies, and Kohl’s-returned a pair of jeans and a dress.
Got home at 10:30p, did some checking up on the girls coming home from Nashville, answered some e-mails and chatting with P before hitting it at midnight.

Monday- HR training at the airport - 4 hours of watching video….I have no eyes for I poked them out with a dull object, I was so bored. I actually fell asleep and then left to go back to work at The Electronics Company. Prepped for our Team holiday cookie swap and meeting then worked a few projects before leaving at 6p…I will eat, whilst answering e-mail, checking My space, paying bills and writing out my Christmas cards. I will need to do some laundry for the week, make my lunches, pack both my airport uniform and my workout clothes and vacuum prior to falling into bed around 11p.
I have another 4 hour training course at the airport on Weds-oh joy!
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