Friday, December 07, 2007

Interesting Conversations..?

A conversation with one of my g-friends at work…talking about the guy I’m crushing on recently…

D: That’s him?
K: Yeah,, isn’t he hot?
D: He needs a hair cut, his hair is all nappy…maybe a shower..
K: His hair isn't nappy..Yeah, maybe he should get a haircut, the shower thing…not so much…the guy does bathe D.
D: Not too sure about that…he looks like he might smell…
K: Your kidding right? You actually think I’d be after a guy who stinks? Besides, what does a smelly guy “look” like anyways? I smelled him, he actually smells good..
D: Like that!! Damn your standards are low…there are so many other fish in the sea that are better looking, in shape and have better jobs…
K: Perhaps…but I think this fish looks extra sparkly! I wanna him, can I? Can I? Pleeeeze?
D: You better use a condom man. He’s probably got diseases!
K: What?! Am I 12? I’m 37, your 25…I think I know a bit more about that than you…
D: Don’t assume, and you never know…I don’t wanna here you getting all pregnant and shit…
K: You MUST be referring to someone else…I can’t get pregnant remember? So you don’t think he’s hot?
D: No, I don’t get you….what’s so great about this guy? Is it because he's in a band?
K: No, not a real one anyway. He’s dark, brooding, has a bike, he seems smart, comes from the backwoods, and he’s kinda scary…raised in Tennessee I think..
D: Can’t you go out with a “normal’ guy? Hey, like that one over there…He’s cute!
K: Ain’t no such thing and that guy is ewww, and a suit…
D: A suit? What is that?
K: A business guy…I went out with one once, it sucked…the guy actually was more maintenance than me! I'm not kidding..
D: (laughing) like how? Did he bathe?
K: Yeah, you’re funny, no, he got manicures and pedicures every week….He even bought me an $80 shirt once…Who buys an $80 shirt? The shit needs to be made of gold or silk or something…it was a plain old cotton henley…for $80.00!!
D: Really?? Can you set me up with him…?
K: No, he’s a dink!
D: I know someone here at the Electronics’ Company that’s good looking, in shape, rides motorcycles, is smart, has money, has never been married…
K: ok, who?!

Turns out it's one of our co-workers..

K: oh hell no! He’s got an ass on him this wide! (extending my arms as far as they can go)
D: So, he’s got everything else you want..
K: No.. I'm not even sure he's that smart..
D: Hey A.B., Look up this guy and tell me if you think he looks like he smells and needs to get his hair cut…
A.B.: Ummm, ok…(laughing)

Looks at the pictures on his website..

K: Well, I think he’s hot…I don’t care…I sure in the hell don’t think he smells.
A.B.: (laughing) I don’t know what a smelly guy “looks” like but he does look like he needs more sleep!
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