Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Holidays Suck!

I say this every year...I hate the holidays...
I feel like such a buzz kill when I say this to people, the looks of disappointment I get in return...
Most of my readers know that I don't like people much, especially people who don't think past themselves and aren't aware...You know who am talking about..that person, you met them, that person who is at your local "mom and pop" bar, drunk, dancing and are so sloppy drunk they bump into you and bump your drink into your lap...their friends are too self absorbed to take them home and they don't care where they are as long as they have a place to vomit...The woman who bumps into you at the grocery store and doesn't say excuse me or better yet just ignores the fact that your trying to look an item that her fat ass is in front of...yep those people..
I can't stand malls, grocery stores or any place where there is a crowd....If I'm there your ass I'm there for a damn good reason and had to "prep" myself prior too...
I digress, so with these things in mind, you must know I hate shopping....I used to go hog wild on the Christmas shopping until I bought my house....I used to decorate until P and I separated and he moved out...
This year my family with all the difficulties we've had, decided to bring it down a couple of notches and make it about the 2 nieces that is..
I bought gifts for them and that's it...My brothers and I decided to not buy each other gifts and our folks declared that they didn't need any thing so...
Made my life easier I tell ya!
Now I usually send out Christmas cards but after I addressed them etc I realized that I really can't afford the stamps that it would take to send them nix that idea. I'm not a talking about 20 stamps more like get the math I'm sure!

On Christmas Eve
-Worked from home until around 3p
-Went over to folk's house and wrapped gifts
-Ate traditional lasagna dinner with whole family
-Opened gifts ( 2 new house phones, pj's, socks, Old Navy gift card, and bath set)
-Went home about 10p

Christmas Day
-Worked at airport until 12:30p (got out at 1p:was preoccupied talking to a gentleman from Alabama)
-Went to folk's house and changed into pj's
- Had traditional Christmas dinner (Boston Market's chicken dinner with all the fixings) with Ryan, June and my Mum...
- Watched movies and relaxed with Ryan, Mum and June
- 8p Ryan and I go see National Treasure-Book of Secrets in our pj's
- Go home about 12a
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