Friday, November 09, 2007

Jumping into the Deep End of the Pool

Well howdy there!!!!
Yes, yes, I’ve been the crabby crab of the world lately-I am very aware of this…. Please don’t get me wrong, I love my life for the most part but this dragging out of the house crap and my dating issues have left me as of late, well, feeling quite frustrated. I’ve been going on tons of runs through the woods and doing a lot of thinking and perhaps I’m going about this all the wrong way.
See, I’ve always prided myself on my self worth, my smarts, tried to carry myself with some dignity and behave like a lady. This is why you’ll never see me with my boobs bursting out of my shirt, wearing obscenely high heels, crotch baring short skirts and my stomach exposed in a too short shirt. I’m not too sure about the guys I’d attract if I went that route. I’ve always been one to fall for the smart guy who wouldn’t be attracted to the “slutty looking, bursting-out-of-my-shirt” type of girl. Smart guys have a tendency (at least in my experience) to like the subtle, hanging-out-quietly-in-the-background type of girl, which is what I do/have been doing. I took a chance and attempted to break out a bit with “Mr. Online” and am trying to do this with another guy I’ve had my eye on recently. Quite frankly it sometimes left me feeling cheap and degraded because I’m so much smarter and better than that. So far I haven’t had any luck either way and am seriously contemplating becoming the “slutty looking, bursting-out-of-my-shirt” type just to go outside “the box”. My friends and family tell me that I have the “don’t even think about it” look a cookin’ most of the time which is why only a limited few approach me. In my own defense I don’t think I’m completely a beast, unless of course you come up to me and say something dumb or crass. Really, if you wouldn’t say it to your mother, don’t say it to me. Enough said there…


I’ve decided to step it up a bit on my plan for self improvement. I’m having leg surgery on November 13th…just minor-really! I will be able to go right back to work right afterwards, will not need stitches nor will there be any scarring.
After a 2 hour exam of both my legs it was brought to my attention that my right leg is preventing me from stepping up my exercise activities.
1. Apparently both my legs were swollen-especially my right when he examined me.

– I do notice this a lot but figured it was because my legs are heavier.
2. The reason why I can’t seem to run past the 3 mile mark is because my calf muscles aren’t getting enough blood to them so they become “heavier” thus harder to run.

em>– Which I had noticed a bit, but assumed it was just me having more weight on my legs than the rest of my body.
3. He asked if I had gotten cramps in my right calf quite a bit and how that would be typical for someone who didn’t have a lot of blood going to that area.

em>–Yes, I do and anyone who knows me has at some point had to help me rub out a calf cramp!
4. I’m more susceptible to blood clots if I let this go.

–I definitely don’t want that!

I originally scheduled it for the end of month, but changed it so I would have more of an opportunity to heal over Thanksgiving break, than at work. I can’t exercise for 2 weeks, which just might kill me. No outdoor running and no lifting more than 10 lbs. for 2 weeks! Then I go back for a check up and see if the veins re routed themselves properly, then to saline the shit out of both legs to clean them up.
Once February/March hits I have an appt set up to have the discoloration on my torso lasered and some sun damaged areas done as well. Then I should be in good shape…

Website and Blog

I had created my “baby”, back in 2001 when I first started writing, before this blog thing kicked in. I was one of the few that created by hand; learning basic HTML, to create a website. Well, I’m thinking of pulling the website and just keeping my “toddler” site Ideas & Tid-bits and then perhaps changing it to a video blog instead of writing. I seem to come across better, more real etc than I do when I write and the ideas that come with live blogging are much more fluid than if I wrote them down. I’m currently looking to cameras at the electronics company so once I can wrap my head around all parts and contingencies I will make the announcement.

There are certain benefits that come with only having only the blog such as it’s FREE, it’s “auto” hosted and eventually Google will come up more accessories to add to it as blogging grows. The thing I will miss the most about the website is that I can create multiple pages. I can add a bio page, an art page, etc whereas Blogger doesn’t have those features. The Thoughts site also allows me to create and change out my own layout whereas you pick and choose, then alter an already existing layout. I have some tricks and ideas about this that I’m throwing at Google as we speak. So hopefully some of them will be implemented. I’m also in process of incorporating all Google “add-ons” into my Blogger site. I’m working with Picasa for my art and pictures, Google Reader for latest headlines, and Google Trends-Music to find out what the heck is going on in music these days. Google seems to be more stable and is free to use. I want to also incorporate music on the site so I’ll probably add a music player of some kind which I have yet to do some research on. So money being as tight as it is now, I’d be saving $20./mo if I didn’t have to host the Thoughts site….

Just some random thoughts...we'll see what happens...good weekend all!!!!
Wanna know what I'm up to? My calendar is here!!!

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