Monday, November 05, 2007

I Hate This Life-Can I Have Yours?

Updates upon updates!!!

The House

I was on my lenders website yesterday when lo and behold there was a notice indicating that “if you are having difficulties paying your monthly payment due to you’re loan with us adjusting, please call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx to re-negotiate your payment.” Now, you KNOW I was on that phone talking to them. They determined that I do qualify and all I needed to do was send them 2 pay stubs and a letter indicating why I needed help (even though I thought that the call and my credit would be a good indicator). In the next couple of weeks I will be in talks with U.S. Bank about a consolidation loan so I can keep my debt in one chunk and not have to constantly rotate payments around since my mortgage has gone up. That ought to help things a bit. My frig had also gone out around the same time Laura’s did but I couldn’t afford to fix it at the time. I got onto Home Star plus through my energy company and now can have them come fix it, along with the dishwasher that, for whatever reason won’t drain! So I’ve been eating out of a box for a month and it’s taken its toll on my pocketbook as well. Enough to have to beg a few friends and family for money.

Singlehood- The on going trauma to find Mr. "Close to perfect"...

Well for what I thought was a break up with Mr. Online, has taken a weird turn. He called me at work (which has never happened) and the lame thing is every time he calls me it’s only for 10 mins and I do all the talking….WTF?!! So now I hardly ever get an e-mail and once a week or so a 10 min lame ass call that sounds like he’s calling me between appointments…Please don’t bother, seriously!!!

Rachael, Beth and I were at a Hairball show and this random guy comes up and starts talking to us. Just as he starts talking to me the band starts up so all I see is his mouth moving. I lean over and I hear "What are you?-slow?" This instantly prompted me to flip him the bird and tell him to fuck off. He spent the good part of 15-20 mins apologizing profusely in an attempt to correct the situation. I finally relented and within 10 mins he says “Wow, you’re very cool and a very smart girl, more so than the other girls in this bar.” I also informed him that I hadn’t been drinking and that when you do you lose I.Q. points per drink. Hence, I’m the smartest person in the room! He asked for my number, called me on my business trip and asked me out over voicemail-not preferred by the way!!! We were to have met again at the Hairball Costume party but he wasn’t feeling well and cancelled.-Whatever!

Update 11/5- Just wanted to put it out there that RSB is very -ehm, nice AND he likes Vampyres!- if he only knew!! HA!

Jilly, my boss at the airport decided to take me out for a drink at Bennigan’s for helping her through another successful inventory session at our store. Some random guy who happens to also work at the electronics’ company, starts talking to me and then proceeds to make comment about “how big” my legs were. Then has the nerve to ask to get up so he can “check me out”..??? Once he was put into check by Jilly and I he goes back to his table of friends. He comes back over 30 mins later, fully loaded and proceeds to ask if he and I are going to get married, because I’m so cool and all. He asks me for my phone number-“umm, no”, my position at the electronics’ company- “no”, and if he can call me at work-“did I mention I work for the Director of HR?, no!” Apparently after I left he asked Jilly if she liked sex and would having some wit him, she rolled her eyes and left.

Update 11/5- This retard walks past the gym everyday to see if I’m working out.

Oct 22-23 I went on my first business trip with my department to Memphis for Diversity or “sensitivity” training. We stayed at the Westin-awesome tub, shower and a bed so soft I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud-but I digress. We visited the murder site of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Museum. Part of this training is that we get into groups and talk, really immerse ourselves into the topic. I’m not real comfortable with that type of discussion and had completely over dramatized it in my head and that we were going to end up beating drums in the middle of some forest getting in touch with out hidden emotions. It wasn’t as intense and the experience I found extremely profound. I cried a bit but mostly I fell for my Diversity manager. Yep. No shit and he’s married. I found that in his concern to keep me “protected” emotionally during this that I took/ am taking it as more than it is/was. He reminds me of one of those older, hippy, liberal, Berkeley professors, with the long curly hair, cardigan sweater (ala Mr. Rogers) full beard and mustache and a bit overweight. It doesn’t matter because in our 2 days I found that not only is he kind, but fucking brilliant. He gave me insight to shit I haven’t thought about and a new perspective on how to see most people instead of automatically thinking they are dumb. He asked me provocative questions and I found that he’s also a talented musician-go figure?!

Now that we are back in the office, it just seems awkward. Granted he has no clue that I feel this way and I’m slowly trying to get past it. I find myself seeking him out just to say hi-which is so stooped and beyond me! The man could care less since he has told me time and time again that he is married and seems to truly care for his wife.

Working out

Well have lost a lot of the bulk I put on after my "not so brilliant" 300 program. I’m just back to basics at this point. I’ve been lifting for an hour M-Th or M-F at the electronic company’s gym, on the weekends I run 1-3 miles for about an hour and am back to eating the basic stuff-veggies, chicken, fish and a bit of fruit. I haven’t lost any weight yet, but my legs and hips are toning up which is what I want. I’m due to meet with my trainer again next week for a run down and to change up my work outs again, since my body seems to adapt fairly quickly to whatever he comes up with. I figure in 3 months of this type of dedication I should be Olympic shape…

I have decided after about 2 weeks of marathon training to discontinue.

Reason 1- Matt confessed to falling for me which is why he volunteered to train me…..

I think I’ll stick to just having him walk me out of the airport, if that.

Reason 2- Life, as usual is getting in the way of my plans and

Reason 3- not enough time to train for the Rock n’ Roll marathon.

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