Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Road trip to Indiana! October 5th-7th

October 6

Up at the crack of God’s ass (that’s 1 am K standard time) and met Em and Shannon at The Beth’s house. Drove down to Iowa to pick up T, Connie and Tonia then drove out to Southbend, Indiana for the 10th anniversary show featuring Scrap Metal.

We arrived in Southbend around 3:30p and thought we all might get a bit of sleep prior to the show…NOT! I grabbed 30mins before getting ready and heading down to the theater around 6p, the show starting at 9:30p. The idea was that there were bands playing mostly all day and once we decided to head inside, grab a well needed beer and find our seats we enjoyed the musical stylings of Jeff Scott Soto-who was awesome! If you don’t know who he is, check him out here!!!!

On next, our favorite-Scrap Metal with special guests: Jack Blades, Joe Lynn Turner, Jim Peterik, and Jimi Jameson. Then the usual suspects: Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, Eric Martin, Kelly Keagy, and Mark Slaughter.

Each played their set up songs and all I kept saying to Shannon was “Wholly shit” because I used to be in love with Joe Lynn Turner when he did his stint in Rainbow. “Stone Cold” was my favorite songs along with “Can’t Happen Here”. Unfortunately time has taken a bit of a toll on Mr. Turner. Even though I do still worship him, he has become “The Creepy Old Guy”. He was fried from too much tanning and you could still see the white portion of where the tanning goggles sat over his eyes, he wore sparkly blue eye shadow, some weird leather, mesh, fingerless glove things on his hands and wrists, skinny jeans that didn’t hide his gut and kept flipping his still long hair. His stylist or his girlfriend needs to be fired. Regardless they were awesome and we were sad to see it all end in 3 hours.

Sometime during the show Tonia’s cell phone slipped out of her purse and into an air duct in the floor. Her life in that phone, along with our directions home, we contacted security and building management to see if they could get it out. We hear this “Security Jarhead” talking to his people about getting us out of the building and when he came up to personally tell us to get out; one of the ushers informed him of the problem. Like the ass he is, he laughed when told of our plight. I instantly got pissed and said something. It’s not like Tonia wanted this to happen and we have better things to do than to sit around waiting to see if the cell phone can or can’t be retrieved. Jarhead!!

Once that blew over they didn’t know where to put us so they put us down in the meet and greet in the bistro in the basement. So here we are, the seven of us sitting down in a lounge with members of Scrap Metal and Jeff Scott Soto feeling…ummm, a bit out of place. We were there for about an hour or so before building management had given Tonia’s cell phone back. We stayed for a few minutes more before heading out to Denny’s for something to eat; it was 2 or 3am by this time.

We arrived at Denny’s (the worst service ever!) and sure enough Jim Peterik walks in –alone. He walks by our table and our friend Steve starts up a conversation. By this time I was not caring about much except to get some z’s. Once we paid our bill we headed back to our rooms and slept for, umm, 3 hours before heading out on the open road. Somewhere in Iowa we stopped at a winery, sampled some wine and stocked up on a few bottles before again heading out.

On a side note- Tonia’s place is heaven on earth. It’s as if someone had chosen a remote spot of land and dropped a house on it. There is literally nothing for miles and miles. I couldn’t believe how far I see in the dark and how quiet it was. It was beautiful, just perfect for someone like me.

By the time we were in the Twin Cities, said our goodbyes and went our separate ways it was 10p and I got home around 11p myself.

Another great and gratifying trip!

More pictures from the show below!

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