Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Amongst Other Things

In all the stressy mess of trying to re-fi my house I came up hitting a brick wall. So, I managed to talk my way into getting my old job back at the airport and am going to really pull on my financial apron strings to make it up to February. Once I file my income taxes that should take care of any debt I have and the money should be a bit looser. Perhaps then I can re-fi.
I’ve had to drop out of Capella U and St. Kate’s for the next several months to work this out which means I’ll be turning 40 by the time I receive both my degrees…I’m not happy about this but it’s at least doable.

In lieu of this, my workouts are sparse to say the least. So I’ve joined the gym at the electronics co, so I can lift for an hour during the work day and when I get home Matt (my cop friend) will be waiting to run with me. Matt has made a deal with me: to train me to run longer distances if I would be willing to run the Rock n’ Roll half marathon with him in Phoenix. Done! I love a challenge! Besides I can then pay a visit to Pete and Sherry and Calvin and Laura. All of whom I haven’t seen in forever!

I will also be looking at transferring out of my dept in HR at the electronics company to a more suitable dept. This will of course be contingent upon my brother’s need for assistance in building his business. I’m hoping to be out of HR by Christmas. Most seem to think the idea is a bad one considering the stress level I dealt with at the bank and my on going health issues. I can assure you that I will try to maintain my stress levels or go to stress management as my doctor suggested.

Which brings me to my health… Those closest to me know that my right leg and torso have been personal hang ups for me for some time. Well I finally went into a vein and laser clinic in downtown and they have claimed it medically necessary to have my legs worked on and corrected. All I will need to pay is the deductible and the insurance company will pay for the rest. We had a consultation and ultrasound to which the doctor is suggesting I have the surgery as soon as possible. The surgery will be outpatient and non evasive so I feel pretty good about it for the most part. Once this has been completed then we will discuss what can be done about the “bruising” on my torso and hopefully get that taken care of. I’m hoping by summer all issues will be fixed and I will have my old body back for the most part.
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