Friday, August 03, 2007

Enough Already!!!!

OK, still dealing with re-financing the house, alas with no luck. I’m unable to get the same rate or a lower one, which means my payment, is going to go up regardless of what or how I rearrange my finances…Grrr! I’m going to have to get a part time job-again. At least for a year, this stinks because of school, and new job.

I have passed my school audit and had my evaluation and have completed my registration.
My graduation is set for December 2008 or at the latest March 2009. That is without “testing out” of some of the Marketing classes either. Depending on how many classes I can test out of will change the graduation date-obviously. I was hoping less time, but whatever, it can be done.

The job at the electronics company is ok. I’m learning and tooling along trying to learn as quickly as I can. I have to say that I’m not really into it. I’m not sure where the lackadaisical attitude is coming from. I walk in everyday with the “Eh, whatever.” Attitude. I find that I’m suffering mostly from being scared and the culture shock of all-still. I’m not feeling overwhelmed just not informed enough and that I’m having to rely on my memory mostly. Things here move very fast and if you’re not on the train, you’re left behind. Everyone wants me to hold their hand on everything. They want me to update their meetings with who is attending and who isn’t, which for 50 people is a lot since this company likes to have meetings. I can’t say I feel comfortable moving things around on calendars…I’ve already screwed up a meeting re-occurrence, the list goes on.
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