Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stressy Mess

Well, what a stressy, stressy, mess June was, but it seems I’m coming out of it.


In lieu of all the issues with the bank etc, I had decided to apply- not only for other jobs within the bank but outside of it as well.

I accepted a job from a large electronics corporation that’s based here in Minnesota. It’s also much closer to the house and offers a ton of “stuff”. Discounts, decent 401K, good benefits, free parking, on-site workout facility, etc. It’s a campus so the benefits of that are great compared to the bank. Shit, the bank only has running water in the bathrooms and we have to either pay half to take the bus/train or pay a fortune to park. Not working for the bank will save me more money in the long run I think.

However, I’ve worked for the bank and the Marketing dept for 4 ½ years so I am sad that I’ll be leaving and will miss the friends I’ve made there. I have been unhappy since last December now that the new Conference/Trade show Mgr took all the creative aspects of my job away. It’s left me doing spreadsheets, calendar management, and travel without any of the creative stuff I’d been doing for the past 3 ½ years. Part of my meeting with the VP several months back was explaining to her all of this and she basically told me “tough shit”, deal with it. So the vendor issue was just an extension of K being unhappy and not caring too much. Anyway, I’ll be making about $3,000 more than what I was making at the bank, which should help with the housing situation and all of that.


I had the choice of St. Kate’s or Capella and decided that Capella would probably be faster. They are currently in the process of auditing my degree program and just by casually looking, they are projecting 6 months. Hopefully! Then I can be done for the time being.

I was also informed that my schooling for most of last year I will need to pay back the bank for….I think it’s my punishment for leaving the bank early for if I were leaving in January 2008, I wouldn’t owe anything.


I recently found out that I was screwed on my home mortgage loan. How it was explained to me was that it was a 3 year adjustable ARM that would adjust after 3 years, but if I decided to re-fi before the three year term I’d have to pay a penalty of $2,000. Which seemed reasonable at the time. Well, that information was skewed a bit. The loan is truly an adjustable 3 year and I still would pay $2,000 for re-fi’ing before three years; however, it adjusts in 2 years instead of 3 years. Not only does it adjust but it will adjust to increase my payment by $357./mo. I thought I had a year left so I bought a sofa in February, charged some school and have been slowly paying off my Visa. The plan was to pay off everything when I received my taxes in February. Basically, my credit score is crappy. When I found out all of this I freaked out, called my dad on my way back home and in the drama of it all proclaimed that the only way I could pay all or most of it off was to “become a stripper”. After much discussion and frenzy, my folks and I have come up with a plan to be able to obtain a better mortgage rate and keep my house all without having to resort to “undesirable part time jobs”.

So there you have it, what’s been going for the past several weeks…

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