Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Don’t Believe in You Anymore….

Life just can't be simple can it? Started the job at the electronics company. It doesn’t have any of the creativity that I had at the bank. Granted everyone is very nice…"episode of the Twilight Zone" nice. I’m not used to that, nor am I used to fiddling around in my boss’s calendar and moving around her schedule so she can get to all the meetings and what not. It is truly a lot of work and I found myself being confused and stretched very.. very… thin. I don’t see me staying there unless something dramatic changes. I don’t like that fact that I’m in the “shallow end of the pond” at this point. I’m hoping that now I’m on my own that I can get a handle on things…that or beg for my old job at the bank. I just what I’m trying to say is that I feel that I’m falling and I have nothing to grasp onto. I don’t like it. As time, and the weeks go on I will do as I have done in jobs past, network to get things done and all will be fine with the world. I'm wondering where in the hell this "overly dramatic" sense of self doubt came from....This isn't me!!! I'm chalking up to the fact that I'm out of my "comfort" zone. Amazing the hell one can get used to..

Ernesto bought he and I Maroon 5 tickets. I think I created a monster when I introduced him to their latest. He caught them performing on Letterman and the rest is history. I see the Nelson brothers at Mystic on August 4th then off to Green Bay for 3 more shows the days following- Loves me some G! October I see Maroon 5 and Scrap Metal in Indiana with the Scrap between will be sprinkled with seeing Bad Animals, Tim Mahoney and maybe Def Leppard and a few others at the State Fair......

Speaking of Ernesto, he came up with the idea to go see the free movies the St. Paul library projects off the side of their building every Friday evening. We saw Casino Royale Friday. I’m not a Bond fan at all and assumed at the least it would be mediocre, it was with the exception of a very lovely Daniel Craig. I admit that he’s made my top 5. Yum!

Saturday night was the last day of the Aquatennial, which ends with a fireworks display. Ernesto and I caught the train and headed to the stone-arch bridge to catch the show.

Fitness update...In my frustration with the inability to lose the last 25lbs I've decided to purchase the P90X system. Once I have a few paychecks under my belt of course....I figure by October I'll be Ms. Muscles! Look out Daniel Craig!!!

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