Monday, June 04, 2007

Working it Out

Well it seems after the several e-mails to the vendor to explain why I’m hearing about late invoices now, they seemed to state indirectly that it was mistake and we are fine. So, I’m gonna run with that….ignore it like it never happened…..

Things seem to still be going along fine for the most part. I’m starting to wonder if I’m just sick of the job all together and the issues I’m having are just with me. I certainly don’t mind being an assistant but what seems to be chapping my hide is that I keep seeing people being hired into my dept that have little to no experience or a related degree. Not only are they being hired, they are being hired to do a similar job as mine and hired over me. What seems to make it worse is that I have a mortgage now and can’t seem to make ends meet with the one job. It makes me feel like the 8 hours I spend here are a waste some times. What good is it if you can’t live comfortably? It’s not as if I go out a lot, I mostly stay home and something stupid as a cup of coffee can set me into the red if I’m not careful. Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard me bitch about this before.

I’m also a bit frustrated over the fact that I can’t seem to lose that last 20 lbs. I have 20-30lbs left until I hit goal and I can’t seem to lose it. I think I need to “hunker down” a bit on the diet, make it as strict as I can and really spend the time running, lifting and really work out my problem areas. I find that I’ve been craving and indulging in “soft serve” cones too often. I had 4 soft serve cones between Friday and Sunday. Yeah, not good. I didn’t run Thursday through Saturday either so of course I spent an hour and a half running yesterday to try and shake some of this crap out of my system. For those who are interested, I didn’t run because it rained all three days.

School has started and it seems to be a very interesting class so far. It’s a lot of work in a very short period of time again, so I hope I can keep up. It’s been a challenge so far. Class is Mondays and Wednesdays; reading and writing 6 chapters per class. So, not a lot of time to study in between. There are only 2 papers and the first is fairly easy. So if I just study “ahead” for 5 weeks I should be set-hopefully.

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