Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Only Happens to Me!

A few weeks ago a g-friend and I were walking from the train to her house and she announces to me that she recently got engaged…of course I was happy for her etc. She told met that she met this guy about year ago online. That Match.com had opened a related site and needed volunteers to test it. She volunteered and met her fiancĂ© within a couple of weeks. Apparently after about a year or so together, he moved in and recently when I sent her to a trade show out in California’s wine country, he met her out there and proposed. They are getting married at the end of August up in Two Harbors. After all of this, I really didn’t have too much to say, I’m a skeptic. It all seems a bit quick to me and I’ve been working with her for 3 years and this was the first I’d heard of it.…she then suggested that perhaps I should try the online dating thing. Horrified by the suggestion, I explained that I’d tried that before and it never worked out for me. I had too many bad experiences, too many guys that I’d been interested in tell me that I was “too old”, “too nice” “too different” etc. besides I always seemed to grab the interest of guys that are closer to 50 and that are beer drinking, deer hunting, cigarette smoking, sports fanatics that do not exercise unless pounding they’re fists in the air when they’re favorite team scores a touchdown is considered exercise. I really don’t think the type of guy I’d date would “advertise” himself online anyway. I mean can you really show someone how smart you are online? She thought my reaction was funny and kept mentioning it all night….Finally, cracking under the pressure I made her a bet. I would sign myself up for the 30 trial period (it’s free) and that the 5 guys that I’m matched with would be overweight, deer hunting, beer drinking…you get the idea.

Let’s just say that I won the bet. I inserted my information, took the “survey” indicating fitness was extremely important to me, that my “partner” needed to feel the same, and that I didn’t smoke and was looking for a “partner” who didn’t either. Well, every guy I was “matched” with was “a few extra pounds”, “large” or “obese” and didn’t do much for exercise. The funny part was one of them had a picture of himself “muffin topping” out of his board shorts, with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. I have nothing against bigger guys but would prefer someone who can go running with me every night. If a guy isn’t in shape and smokes, probably can’t run too far, if at all. I took a screen print of it and e-mailed it to her telling her I won! When I saw her next we were laughing hysterically about it, and then getting all serious on me she asks “well, did you think any of them were cute?” I rolled my eyes and replied “What do you think?”

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