Friday, June 08, 2007

Nice timing

I finally brought to my boss’s attention the vendor issues and issues with the VP,not the swearing part but briefly mentioning that she was pissed. She was pissed….Not quite sure at who but pissed just the same. I spent about 20 mins in her office and even did a bit of the “kiss-ass” by bringing her a coffee; which she turned down. I leave her red-faced and livid and heard her phone ring as I was leaving to go back to my desk.

I must have been at my desk for 5 mins maybe less before I get a call from someone in our contract area asking if my boss was ok….then a minute later another, then another to the point where all 3 of my lines were ringing….the last person I spoke to was the receptionist telling me that my boss was in hysterics and the President’s Assistant had her keys and was taking my boss downstairs. I was mortified! I thought perhaps the news I gave her made her crack under the pressure. She’d finally thrown in the towel… I don’t know??!!… 15 mins later the President’s assistant came back up and informed me that that my boss was just notified that her dad just passed. God, I felt bad!! I couldn’t believe it! Her mother just passed 2 months ago and now her dad.

Well she was out all last week and the VP (my boss and the VP are best friends) spoke to her then updated everyone in my group on how she was doing….except me. So I wasn’t informed or invited to the funeral or gathering afterward. I was a bit upset about that. Then the VP continued to inform everyone else about any “updates and things to know” to which I was never informed of or told. To say the least, it put me behind…

Since my boss was out of the office, I decided that perhaps it’s time for me to find other work. My boss says she’d be “fucked” without me, but in retrospect she hasn’t treated me as such for several months. I’ve been getting these moody, crabby responses and even a hang up or two. I felt bad since all of this stuff with the vendor, budget, the VP and now her folks but damn it I don’t think I should or anyone should be treated this way. So I applied for other jobs outside of the bank. I did this for a couple of reasons:

  • If I apply internally I have to wait until my boss returns and get her permission to transfer.

  • If I do transfer, there isn’t a lot of room for movement or increase in pay without a college degree, so no pay increase. I would like to possibly find something that is a bit closer to home, I spend a lot of money working at the bank-in gas, train etc.

So I put out about 10-15 applications for Assistant positions at every Fortune 500 company in the Twin Cities that was hiring. I have a few leads and am hoping to hop cleanly out of here by the end of the month. I feel a bit sad since I was hoping that this would be the last place I’d be working, that I’d be happy here. I’ll miss seeing Brad, Ernesto and my other friends everyday, going out for coffee, going to lunch with a group of my friends and the once a month (or so) ladies night. I’m staying positive and trying to keep things into perspective, besides my house is on the line too. I do need to make enough money to pay on my house and an increase no matter how slight is better than none. So on that note, keep your fingers crossed and send me lots of love!!!!

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