Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just Sayin'

Paris Hilton- I think we should let the little, bratty, rich girl rot in jail….She deserves it and her parents should be hung for condoning her behavior.

Bragelina-I think this relationship is a hoax. He left Jennifer Aniston because he wanted to have children-now. I’m 90% sure he cheated on her with Angelina. She’s fucked up and we are all supposed to believe that her “blood in a vile, cutting, tattooed, sex in the car on the way to the Oscars” days are over because she adopted a few kids? Ummm, nope-not buying it!!! Stop giving them media coverage and honoring them for adopting. Those kids are going to need professional help! Besides, you ever seen Angelina holding, carrying or with Shiloh?

Taken from Meg…

1. Buy someone a beverage you know they crave, just to see them go, “Ohhh! I totally wanted one of those!” - I did this for my boss last Friday and I got “I don’t drink those anymore, sorry.” Followed by the “turd under the nose look”.

2. Ask someone how they are, and actually listen. Looking them in the eye. Not doing anything else. Asking follow up questions. - I did this and they were just as frustrated as I was with work and told me that they were leaving the bank as well!

3. For once, don’t complain about the thing you always complain about. Unless it’s funny. Then do WAY MORE COMPLAINING. - Considering my status at the bank right now-not going to happen anytime soon.

4. Eat something you REALLY want for dinner. Even if it takes time and a bit of effort.
- Not going to happen for I’ll gain all my weight back as I won’t e able to stop eating it!

5. Laugh at a joke that someone tells that isn’t actually witty at all. I know it goes against your human instinct to encourage lame humor, but doing it once won’t upset the balance of the planet. - I'm too crabby to do this today.

7. Open a window. Breathe. - The windows in my office don’t open; I think they’re afraid we’d all jump!


I love her and this song too!

I saw this interview and have a whole knew respect for her!

This is just wrong…on so many levels
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