Friday, June 01, 2007

I Wanna Go Home!!!!

I’m attempting not to lose it …..I hate vendors. A particular vendor we regularly use just informed me that that 9+ invoices from last year still have yet to be paid…What?! I keep a record of every invoice we receive and when it was paid. I have record in my spreadsheet that it has been paid, but A/P says that they have no record of receiving it.. Huh? So tom say the least my boss is gonna shit! All this money is going to have to come out of this year’s budget instead of last year’s and she’ll be a bit pissed at me and the AVP. So I’m trying to keep my desperate panic under control until I confirm with A/P and the vendor that indeed they haven’t received anything. I hate days like today. Things like this seem to be popping up too much lately….

I think it’s pretty sad that coffee is the only thing I look forward to at work these days… (Sigh)

It bugs the shit out of me when women who I don’t know or don’t know very well get engaged and do the “look (thrusting the ring in face) I’m engaged!” The AVP of my dept at work is getting married… I don’t really know her or care too much about her even though I’ve worked for her for approx 4 years. She’s pretty ok as long as you don’t get too involved. She and my boss were sitting her office giggling over wedding paperwork and brochures. I asked who was getting married and then the thrusting of the ring in my face and “I am”! The damn thing is like 3 carats she could flag down planes if she needed to. Then I start getting the low down on how she’s getting married in October at a hotel instead of the VFW like her last wedding. After telling me all this and me asking a few questions, I was starting to feel like a huge loser. I started to change the subject then just interrupted her. After all, I did come over to her desk for a reason. She answered the questions I had and I went back to my desk. All day long I was feeling like a pathetic loser because she told me about her wedding; her second wedding. Here I’m thinking “I must be an asshole, I can’t even get one guy to marry me, and here she’s managed to sucker two...” Granted the woman is so high maintenance. Crap, she gets her hair highlighted and colored every other week, her nails every week and tans 3-4 times a week. She trowels on her make-up…. She’s known to some at work as “Peg Bundy”. So you can imagine my puzzlement…. I just don’t get it unless all that stuff is based on soul mates, destiny and all that stuff that I don’t seem to understand. And yes, I’m a fairly secure person, but on occasion self doubt does creep in.

I finally worked everything out with school. My schedule indicated that class started on Wednesday of this week. Last Friday I receive a letter from the Prof. indicating that class is really on Tuesdays and Thursdays and class will start on Tuesday, enclosed is the assignment he expects us to complete for we are having a test on it. I e-mailed him on Sunday evening didn’t hear anything. I finally called him on Tuesday night which he informed me that his letter was a mistake and class was still Mondays and Wednesdays, so class would be Wednesday and my assignment would need to be done and we are still having a test. I informed him that due to the confusion, I wouldn’t be coming in that night for class nor had I obtained my books. He excused me but told me that all assignments needed to be completed by next class. I agreed. I can’t wait until I’m finished with my degree!
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