Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Think I’ll be a Leavin’

It’s been a real shit work week. The last 2 days I’ve been under the most stress I’ve ever been in.. my.. life. So much that I haven’t slept hardly a wink in 2 days, or have I eaten and my life at work has been sifting through thousands of invoices in a vain attempt to figure out why 1 lousy vendor didn’t get paid for 8 invoices last year (no it wasn't a mistake after all!). I have the invoices, they’re fax stamped indicating that I sent them to A/P, I have verification from A/P that I called on them to make sure that they were received but for whatever reason they did not get paid. The invoice “audits” I’ve been taking on the vendor have been B.S. They were not the reports I needed, so I had no idea that things were still being missed. The bank’s A/P dept has got to be the worst dept I’ve ever dealt with. The kick lately with them is paying only part of the invoice. I have 2 that I caught today that they only paid a portion of, so I have that to add to the news.

I just found out about this information last Monday. After doing a bit of research to verify that they truly weren’t paid, I decided to tell the VP of my dept the issue. She instantly got pissed and swore at me. I was so scared that I was shaking, and then I got mad. I found out that the vendor told her about this on May 24th. She KNEW already but continued to chew my ass out!!! After 2 days of research and verifying that I did my part to do follow up on the invoices but they still weren’t paid and that vendor just didn’t send me some of them. A/P even decided to just cancel one of my invoices and not tell me! When I mentioned it to them yesterday, I told them that we would be processing it, but to hold on until we decide when, they processed it anyway! Another thing I need to tell the VP. She’s gonna flip out ….

In lieu of all of this, I am going to take some time off after the dust has settled a bit and decide if whether or not I should transfer to another job in another dept. They need an Executive Asst in the Technology Dept in St. Paul. It’s the same type of work and closer to the house, no change in pay though. I do need to keep in mind that I have to stay with the bank until next June due to the tuition reimbursement agreement. I’ll have to let you know how it all plays out tomorrow. Oh, yeah, I definitely want this handled before the weekend.

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