Thursday, May 31, 2007

Home Ownership

Ahhh, the trials and tribulations of home ownership. You get pulled into a false sense of security and just when things are humming along…BOOM! Shit happens, and inconveniently at that. Your guard is let down and the funds that are usually spent on leisurely things are now spent on said broken item(s). It seems everything goes to hell all at once, and it's pretty much guaranteed that the fixes are expensive and you’re not going to have the money to fix them.

When I say that all my money goes into my house I mean it. I have about $100 at the beginning of every month to spend on ….gas, food, cat issues, house issues, going out….

The latest issues seem to be piling up just as I was getting used to not working a second job… (sigh)

  1. Mortgage-I received a call from “some guy” from “some mortgage company” a couple of months back wondering if I was planning on selling my house or to rewrite my mortgage. He “noticed” that I have an adjustable rate ARM on the larger of the two loans on the house. WHAT?! I’ve been fairly calm until recently I pulled out my mortgage info and yep, sure enough I have an adjustable rate ARM that is due to adjust in August. So I have yet to sit down with my dad and discuss (calmly) what I’m going to do. I’ll most likely have it rewritten but I’m looking for another job just in case. I don’t want to lose my house due to foreclosure and because I was to stupid to completely understand home loans.
  2. The Garbage Disposal- I was making dinner a few weeks back and it just stopped working. My folks indicated that it wasn’t that expensive, but I have to wait until mid-June to buy a new one. Thank god my folks-the great parents they are, bought me one and are installing it on Sunday. Now perhaps my sink won’t stink anymore…ish!
  3. Carpet- I was hoping I could shampoo the carpet in the house since the carpet is white and in dire need of a good cleaning. I’m hoping that cleaning the carpet will also help in keeping Gabriel from breaking out. Yes, my cat gets acne too!
  4. Ceiling Fans-The money I’m wasting not having a ceiling fan/light in the bedrooms is killing me. My last electric bill was $200. I did get an estimate and to put one in my bedroom will cost around $200-$300 including the fan/light. To install one in the downstairs bedroom/office will cost me a fortune because there is not a way to get above the room to install the electrical and I would prefer not to have the wires etc attached and blended into the wall and ceiling. Since the electrician will have to cut a panel into the ceiling of the closet and may possibly run into issues; it will cost approx $300-400 including the fan/light. Ugh!
  5. Doorbell-So my dad and I figured out that the mechanism that is inside the house is broken, not the button on the outside of the house. This is great since most home owner’s associations only fix things that are on the outside of the house. Grrrr.
  6. School- Ok, this isn’t directly house related but I attribute the fact that I don’t have a degree to be the reason I have issues making ends meet. I’ve made arrangements to transfer to The College of St. Catherine’s in the fall and for financial aid. I’ve done audits and with the credits I’ve earned at Normandale and U of MN-Mankato, approx 132 credits will transfer out of 135.6. To give you an idea of how many credits are needed to receive a B.A or B.S.; it’s approx 108. So I may just attempt to get a B.A. and B.S. since I’m very close to receiving both. However first thing’s first; I need to transfer, have the college do a degree audit, and have a schedule made for the next year so I can get an idea of how far the horizon is-so to speak. For now though, I’m stuck paying for 20% of the courses I take between then.
  7. Gabriel- In the tireless quest to figure out what the hell the poor guy is allergic to continues. First it was red ears, then swollen lips, and since we moved he’s been pulling out his fur. He’s been tested, poked, nipped, and scanned. The only things they come up with are that 1. He’s allergic to his food and 2. That he’s got some anxiety/depression issues due to acclimating him too quickly to the house and with another cat. I previously had him on some hypo-food but it didn’t really do the trick or he didn’t like it. Now, that I’ve taken him to a specialty cat clinic, the really “hypo” hypo-food (aka bland as all hell) is going to cost me an arm and leg for I can’t keep Katie from eating it too. If it is anxiety issues, the vet wants to put him on Prozac. I know, I know, but she claims it will chill him out. I think I’m going to end up with a stoned cat that walks around bumping into stuff.
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