Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another Crappy Date with a Weirdo

I’d met this guy online a few weeks back-I met him when I did this… He and I had been communicating online for about 2-3 weeks. He seems funny and interesting we decided to meet instead of over coffee, over dinner. We decided to meet around 7:45p at a TGI Fridays half way between the cities we live. I was there at exactly 7:45p and he saunters in at 7:56p. He immediately asks me how long I’ve been waiting and I told him 10 mins. He then asked if I was mad, and I told him that I wasn’t mad but I certainly wasn’t happy. Instead of an apology or reason as to why he was late he just suggests we go grab a table. Grrrr, I hate it when people are late and more so when they don’t explain or apologize for it-Strike 1

We sit down and are talking while we decide on what to order. He tells me that he “cheated”, that his roommate had made a pizza earlier so 1 slice turned into 5 and well, he wasn’t really hungry now, so maybe he’ll have an appetizer or a dessert. I’m thinking- “great..”. We order and I start talking and I notice that he isn’t engaging me, so it turns into me asking him about what he thinks about this, what he thinks about that, what’s his opinion this and that… I’m thinking “ok, perhaps he’s really not interested in you after all. He’s a fairly tiny guy anyway-about 5’7 and perhaps 140-150 lbs….” He did ask me and sort of gave me hard time about eating healthy. I basically told him I lead an active and healthy life style, that I’d been sick for a short period of time and that motivated me with the help of my brother (who’s a Dr.) to lead a healthier lifestyle. He basically told me that he could eat anything he wanted and not have it affect him. I argued the point that just because you don’t gain weight doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you etc and that it will catch up to him soon considering he’s in his early to mid forties. He basically blew me off. Not healthy?-Strike 2

After dinner we decide to sit outside for a bit-it was such a beautiful evening! We’re sitting just soaking it up when I feel him squeezing my left thigh… I look at him and ask what he was doing. He says that he noticed that my legs were big. That the rest of me was pretty proportionate but my legs were big. I explained to him that was because I run everyday. Most female (and some male) athletes and runners have larger legs, that’s part of the physical attribute of a runner, just as being long and wispy is the physical attribute of a dancer and to have a muscular and stocky upper body is the attribute of a swimmer etc. Thigh muscles are one of the largest muscles on the human body. He looked confused…I engaged him a bit on music and he was clearly disappointed that I wasn’t a Pink Floyd fanatic. I continued to engage him on music, and he suddenly interrupted me, declaring that it clearly wasn’t going to work between us. He explained even though he thought i was cute and nice, we lived on opposite sides of town that was an issue for him. I was a bit taken aback. I explained that we both are grown ups and have cars; not horses and buggies. It’s only 30-40mins and I had dated (X)Erik for 3 ½ years and it was never an issue. His next reason was that I owned my own home. He told me that since I wasn’t willing to sell it in the immediate future or have anyone live with me he wasn’t interested. My house?!-Strike 3

1-Since I struggled to buy my house, have owned it for only 2 years and love and appreciate it more-why should I sell it?
2- I would have to be dating someone for a year or two before I would even consider living with someone.
3- Why should I (the woman) have to give up what I have to a man? He can give up his house(s) for me!
4- Why are we even talking about this? We just met 2 hours ago!

He then asked if this was the part of my personality that was considered “fiercely independent”?
Hmmph, damn straight!

I’d pretty much reached my limit on this one and determined it was time to go…. He asked me for the time and when I told him, he mentioned that he usually limits his first dates to 30 mins. Well he didn’t like to waste his time on someone if there wasn’t chemistry.. He hugged me, begrudgingly wished me well and left.

It was about 11:30p by the time I got home and I was pissed. I couldn’t call anyone since it was late, so I went out for a run in hope of releasing some of this anger. Well by the time I returned from my run I was bawling. Why? Just like you wouldn’t go up to a stranger and tell them that they were ugly- you don't mention their physical features that you don't like to them, then mention their accomplishments are a hindrance. It's seems very cruel and ridiculous to me..
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