Thursday, May 10, 2007

What to do with all the Free Time?

Well I will start this entry saying that I now have more time off. I was fired from the airport because during a fit of boredom I wrote an entry, a list and printed it all in Word. FYI- I also swore in it… Apparently that was so horrible it merited termination.(insert rolling of the eyes). At first I panicked. What about the extra money?! The ceiling fans, patio furniture, picture frames etc I was going to buy for the house. What about money for school? Money to have my legs done? (more on this in a bit) Then I thought, “Hmm, fuck that. I can spend more time concentrating on my health!” Therefore, I am. I’m having a friend- a police officer, who also runs marathons help me run 5 miles a day-every day, on a consecutive basis. We start next Tuesday. I also have decided to lift everyday for at least an hour on top of it.. I really would like to possibly run a 3 or 5K this fall, and I’m figuring the last 20lbs will just fall off. I have my 20 year high school reunion coming up, I’m going on vacation in August, plan on fitting my fat ass into a couple of sweet outfits and a bikini for the first time since college!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!! For now, though I plan on resting a bit, reading many books, and watching a lot of bad TV.
My year is coming up for my “diet”. So far I have lost 80lbs the old fashioned way; eating clean and exercising. So much for Jenny Craig!! I have my annual check up coming up at Meadowbrook in May and am hoping to be closer to goal so my Oncologist can really see how hard I’ve been working at it and hopefully come away with a cleaner bill of health. I’m a tad frustrated that I didn’t lose as much as I wanted (I have another 20 lbs to go) over the winter but I figure that still quite a bit for one year. I’m hoping to reach goal before July.

In lieu of all this weight loss etc. I have noticed that my right leg has just gone to hell. Since getting fat etc. the circulation in my right leg has been horrible and I have tons of spider veins. I’m planning on going to a clinic and having them salined and getting laser hair removal at the same time. I’m also planning on getting a bit of Lipodissolve on the interior of my legs and lower abdomen which seem to be my “difficult” spots. It’ll probably cost me about $2,000 which I’ll end up getting another job for….(sigh)

School starts May 29th and this will (hopefully) be my last semester at Community College, then I’m off to St. Kate’s to finish up. I’ve been eyeing the music program at McNally Smith College of Music since I have already taken more than half the required classes, I could technically go there and finish up, but St. Kate’s is a more renowned school and I’m not too sure if I’d feel comfortable redoing a Junior recital and then completing a Senior recital at McNally. I am thinking of taking guitar and piano lessons there though or maybe at McPhale, perhaps get back into drumming again…

My younger brother graduated from Chiropractic College on April 14th. He becomes certified on May 1st, then is in practice, so if your in the need of a chiropractor….. Welcome to the working world!!!! Your gonna hate it!!!!
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