Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Almost, but not Quit , Umm, Quite

Grrrr, I just sent an e-mail to a co-worker, about invoice payment and the regulations that her group should be following. She immediately jumped to the defensive, and sent me a nasty e-mail back about cc’ing “others”. (The “others” being our boss and her employee.) You know, it's this sort of response I’ve been getting a lot as of the last 5 months and the idea that someone has the nerve to e-mail me that sort of a response, well, left me shocked for a moment. My immediate inclination was to e-mail her back and tell her to stick it. I instead walked away, came back and addressed it in a “professional” manner then let my boss handle it from there. My thought is, “What gives anyone the right to speak to anyone in that manner-EVER?” The President’s assistant is starting to wear on my nerves as well. The “you have to do what I say because I’m the President’s Assistant” is just high school-ish to me. As an Assistant to someone you are only as good as who you represent. You have no power, just the power of the person you represent. So to say that the rest of us have to ask your “permission” to use an Executive room when you represent an Executive, is just egoistical to me. I’m just a peon though…

The "official" policy at work is all “technical issues and payment issues” are to be handled by the Assistants, for the sake of having one person for other depts. or divisions to contact. The unofficial policy is, "If you do it, you do it yourself." So most let the Assistants handle it. Now, “under the table”-most Assistants have contacts all around the company, in different depts., floors etc and I’m no different. I have “special” ways to get things done quickly and primarily efficiently. It tans my hide when people do their own thing, get caught up in the red tape and then ask me to bail them out. I end up spending half my day “cutting them from the net” and the other half getting the task done. This seems to happen a lot with the newly acquired groups we’ve taken on. All of them at this point have been bucking the system and looking to me or my boss to bail them out. After several months of doing this and receiving the “nasty grams” as my boss calls them, I’m done-completely spent.

This came to head last week and I told my boss I was considering transferring out of the dept or quitting the company altogether. “What a waste of time” and “I’m a person-not a position”, I found myself repeating to her. She confessed that she would “be fucked” if I left and told me to hang in there for 30 days. She is going to “tighten the screw” on a few people and then if I still feel the same she’d do whatever she could to assist me in getting into a position that would make me happier. She also mentioned that perhaps I was taking on too much and burning myself out. “Your schedule is pretty relentless” she commented. I’m fine with the workload, actually it’s been quite slow for the time being, which is much appreciated. So, in the interim, I’m holding tight for 30 days and it has gotten better even though it’s only been 2 weeks. We’ll see how long it lasts.

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