Friday, March 02, 2007

Party Weekend!

 Sunday the 4th was my 37th birthday, and I planned to have a “Party” weekend with several groups of friends.
Friday, March 2nd
 It snowed wicked the night before so SNOW DAY!  I stayed home and later in the afternoon ventured out to my parents house before going out.  I ate a bit of dinner with them received new Eeyore jammies, a gift card to Payless (shoes!!!!!), many hugs and kisses and several stories about my “active” childhood. 
After work one of my g-friends from the bank decided to have a wine sampling party.  Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE white wine especially a really good Italian wine. 
  Party conversation was a riot, as usual. At one point the ladies and I gossiped about a snotty, eavesdropping co-worker that is telling other co-workers that I’m gay. Her reasoning is that I am friends several gay men and women, as far as she knows I haven’t been on a date with anyone since I broke up with P more than a year ago. We decided (after many cocktails) to take a pix of myself and one of my g-friends-who happens to be openly gay briefly kissing, frame it and put it on the desk of a friend who sits across from this woman.  We each agreed that on Monday we would have some flowers delivered.  I would come to my friends desk and “gush” about how romantical it was that my new ahem -“g-friend” bought them for my birthday, that we had a sexy weekend dining at Hooters (even though we had reservations at PI) and spent the rest of the weekend in bed at a swanky hotel in downtown.  Of course, everyone at the party thought this was FABULOUSLY funny, and come Monday when we laid out the plan, the look on this woman’s face was priceless!  I figured this tactic was much easier than complaining to HR. 
Saturday, March 3rd
  The plan was to go to the Fine Line in downtown Minneapolis and see The Nadas, but “someone” got the dates messed up and we didn’t end up going.  It ended up being fine for all involved anyway for the snow was deep and roads so bad that the band never showed anyway! I spent until 3 am cleaning, organizing and painting the house.  Yes, painting.  The case of too many frames and not enough art, so I made some.  Did I mention that my house is still fairly new?
Sunday, March 4th 
  Decided (gulp!) to have a few friends over for drinks and dessert. Rachel, Chad, Tim, P and Ernesto came by and stories, pizza, apple cobbler, wine and some meringue, raspberry, whip creamy concoction Rachel whipped up was had by all. 
Rachel and Chad gave me some homemade cucumber scented candles and Ernesto wrote the first chapter for the Princess Book. (aka Princess Butterquap) The chapter is called “The Ho’ing Days” and talks about the Princesses veracious appetite for sex and how it tends to interfere with her “royal” duties. Cracked us all up and I think he’s a fabulous writer as well.  Didn’t know until he started writing about my alter-ego.Hmmm, go figure.
  I have to say it was a very interesting and nice birthday, considering I stopped counting after I turned 21.  I think the only thing that could top it would be to go to a tropical locale of some kind, have a little umbrella drink and some cute guy rub my tired sweat dogs…  That would be my idea of heaven.
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