Sunday, February 11, 2007


I had my review yesterday at the bank. It was prefect for the 4th year in a row. Blah, blah…I was mostly concerned about my raise and an issue I’d been waiting to talk to my boss about. I attempted to renegotiate my raise, which my boss and I compromised on-to my disappointment. After 4 years of service I’d like to receive more than the lousy $500 annual raise. Ya know? So we compromised.

I had to tell her about the issue I’ve been having. See, we hired someone to exclusively handle the tradeshows and conferences including the BIG conference we have every year. Thing is this new manager and I do not get along….at…all. At first it was the “pleasantly disagreeing with one another”, then the point blank “I’m doing this…so deal with it”, then the “raising my voice when I don’t get my way”, and finally the “I’m pretending you don’t exist-me” and “ I’m going to bug the crap out of you as much as I can-her”. After 4 months of this, I finally spilled the beans to my boss. Enlightening new info from both sides came from communications with her about it. I’m surprised this new manager hasn’t been fired. I was a tad angry at the fact that she has been bypassing me to get things done and that she has practically cut me out of every aspect of the BIG conference with the exception of the client hotline and registration. Sort of difficult to answer client questions when no one gives you the information. I found myself being talked to every manager on the floor about how she’s bypassing me and my boss to get things done and incorrectly at that. So I’m due to attend a meeting with the Asst VP (her manager) the new Manager and myself to attempt to resolve this issue so we can get this conference off the ground and done properly. Now, before anyone gets up in arms I would like to establish that I would never consider imposing myself on anyone. If she doesn’t want to use me; God bless her, less work for me. It is considered part of my job to inform, assist, and prevent. I’ve done these things and she continues to break company policy, get herself and others into trouble; including myself and my boss. I have attempted to nicely speak to her, be aggressive to get my point across and I’ve done the “I’m your bestest friend” crap to get her to comply-to no avail. It seems funny to my boss and I that she is more receptive if another manager steers her in the right direction so that leaves it to 3 things: 1. She has issues with people “below” her. 2. Has issues with just me as a person. Or 3. It’s the age thing (I’m 7 years older than her). Issues 1 and 3 are just plain stoopid if you ask me. I would like to think you are a bigger person than that! Hmm. Anyway, I really hate being the bad guy in situations such as this…In my position, I’m only the guard at the door, I have “zero” power to do anything but inform. This is one of the reasons that I do not want to become a manager, I don’t want to end up in a meeting room having conversations about why “people just can’t get along”.

Update-The Meeting

Well we met and to say the least the outcome was typical and what I expected. I was pinned as being “petty” and she was pinned as being “ignorant and not knowing” that she was supposed to get me involved. To which I say bullshit. I told her, more than once in most cases. At least now she knows that I’m serious and that if it can’t be resolved that we will continue to have meetings with her boss and the Chief until it straightens itself out. Thing is, I’ve had this sort of thing happen before; someone who does feel the need to use me or assist them. Then they flounder around getting themselves in trouble and I continually correct them until they get it and it all turns into a giant lovefest of misunderstanding and forgivness. This time it started working itself out 2 days before the meeting. I’m thinking it’s because the Chief took this Manager aside and told her to listen to what I had to say in reference to her and that seemed to squelch any issues for now. Then today’s meeting I think let her off the hook some as far as her behavior is concerned. I myself am to blame a bit because I was being “delicate” as to not start an all out bitch-fest which the AVP would have to stick up for her new person. After all, she did hire her and is her responsibility by and large, it’s a direct reflection of her. (poor choice if you ask me.) Think that’s too petty?
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