Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Maybe I'm Crazy-Busy Ya Think?!

Gosh, my schedule has been just crazy busy lately.

Working out-It’s been so cold lately that I’ve basically given up running outside. I’ve been walking for an hour in the skyways during my lunch break and my breaks at the airport I’ve been walking up and down G terminal. At least it’s exercise at least until I can get back outside again. I do know my endurance has gone down for I couldn’t out run the train this morning. Yes, I test myself on occasion by seeing the train comes down from Minneapolis and I’ll wait and then run to try to meet it at the station, this with a purse, and gym bag.
I managed to get a cold though and through it I ran 6 miles yesterday in 40-26 degree weather. I felt fantastic then as soon as I got inside, I felt like shit. Woke up early and ran for about 30 mins this morning and felt great, but as soon as I hit the shower and all day-felt like crap. I don’t get it!! It’s the little things like breathing I appreciate.

Work- The bank is the usual crap. Contract rebid is driving me insane. Seems to be taking up more and more of time at work these days. Our big conference is in full swing but our new Events Manager seems to be keeping me out of the loop on a lot which I’ve let go for the most part but is starting to piss me off a bit. I have to keep in mind that I’m not a manager so I can only suggest and persuade not force. Sigh.

Reviews are coming up in the next month or so and I’m sure I’ll be nickel and dimed for the 4th year in a row. If so I may be looking for another job by years end. I do love the job and most of the people I work for but with the new people we’ve hired it’s been challenge to keep everyone on track , with that being said, I think I deserve a decent raise. Each review in the past 4 years I’ve done everything I’ve been asked to do without issue-I deserve a decent raise! Besides, we keep hiring more people=salaries paid….get my point?

At the airport, well as one manager put it. “K is the Princess of F&S.” Hmm. You know it!!!. Inventory was Wednesday night and my manager needed 5 volunteers to work it. My attendance was considered “mandatory” I was told. I met the CFO, who seemed to be in a haze and sort of lost on what to do. I organized myself and the others to perform like a well-oiled machine. The inventory “scanners” had shown up 3 hours late so we got off to a late start. I wanted all us to perform as organized and as quickly as possible. We all wanted to get home at a decent hour and by 11:30p it was just one employee, myself, my manager and the CFO left. Hmmmm. I was tired the next day. I so have to stop working myself to death or take a job as a dominatrix because this is getting ridiculous!

Home- I had the “ladies” over last Saturday and cleaned my house like a mad woman. It took something like 2 days to make my place even semi showable. Yes, yes-unless it looks like a furniture showroom it’s not perfect in my eyes which is why I never have people over. Sigh. So need to get over myself in the biggest way. I still love my house though!!!! We had I great time I thought. We had a great dinner, dessert and a dessert wine!!!! (at least I had the wine!) We watched a couple of Nelson videos-with the G-man on drums. I’d never seen him play drums live and never seen him play drums period so I got a kick out of that. He’s no Neil Peart but neither am I –there you go!

Makes me want to go here and take drum lessons and those violin lessons I was talking about!!!

Miscellany-Had my folks over for the maybe the third time since I bought the house 18 months ago…. They had an opportunity to see the new sofa/sectional I recently bought….
We went out for dinner-just the three of us and I have to say it was nice and I had been looking for to it all day.

Got the locks cut off and restyled. I did manage not to panic at the last second, but the first stylist screwed it up so I went to a nice place in the skyway- a place where you get a cappuccino and a scalp message! She fixed it and it looks pretty damn good. See MySpace for the latest pix.

Going through a Fergie and Justin Timberberlake phase lately. I like Fergie's "Fergalicious". Her songs are so dumb, they make me laugh. I like the beat etc... I really like the JT's latest song-hence the new music on MySpace. I was tempted to cut out of work at the airport and go see him at the Xcel…..He does like older chicks!!!!!!
I have a shot-right?
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