Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Irritations Galore

Things that are just completely irritating me today....

1. Lack of caffeine
2. Microsoft -period
3. Lotus Notes
4. Some of the unorganized people in my group
5. My throbbing leg
6. Lack of time in a day
7. The lack of respect from some of the people in my group
8. The pinching nerve in my right hip
9. People who say my name incorrectly
10. People who shorten my name
11. People who smell like too much perfume
12. How cold it is in my office
13. That I’m broke and it’s 2 days until payday
14. Fact that it is raining instead of snowing today-Global warming much?
15. The fact that I would kill for a cheeseburger and am left eating beef barley soup
16. Lack of sleep
17. I turned in my final paper half assed
18. My desktop printer
19. It’s year end
20. Christmas
21. My hair
22. My skin
23. My weight
24. Being interrupted every 5 minutes
25. The slow IT dept
26. My nose running like a faucet
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