Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Funky Dreams

I had a “child” dream or possibly a “relationship” dream last night….That’s weird within itself since I never have dreams like that-ever…..
I was with someone, and as usual in my dreams the person I’m with never has a face-very Vanilla Sky of me I guess. Anyway, he told me that he wanted to have children so I went in to see Dr Rhodes. I told all the required tests etc. Still cancer free and fertile as the Napa Valley. Really? I asked and he confirmed it. I was stunned and remained until I got home. I told my partner that the Dr confirmed that I was fertile enough to get pregnant on my own. My partner was ecstatic and I was still stunned. Then a moment of clarity. “I don’t’ want them.” I said. “What?” “I don’t want children-ever. I’m over it” I told him. He sat there stunned. “I won’t have children for you, so I guess you have quite a bit to think about”. I said. In my dream it was just common for me to not want them because I had wanted them for so long and was told that I couldn’t.
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