Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Barrel Full of Monkeys

Home-What is that? I think I’ve seen the inside of my house for about 30mins all week. I sleep, get up for work, go to the airport at 6p, work until 9p-home by 10p, and back to bed again. I’ve been attempting to watch “The End of the Affair” for the past 3 days, and it’s been a bear to get in my running and weight lifting regimen. My plants are dying, and my house detailings are falling to the wayside for now. I did manage to stay up until 1am on Saturday night working on an Abstract mirror for the entry. I think the entry is almost done. I spent whatever time I do have tending to things like laundry, dishes, vacuuming and working out. Mostly the latter. I only had enough time yesterday to get up at 9:30a, grab something to eat, do some dishes laundry and then from 10:15a-11:15a running and then hop into the shower to get ready for work at 1p. Suck.

Work-the bank is good. Same old same old. The airport is pretty boring and frustrating at the same time. Crabby people who want to shop when in a hurry…? Doesn’t make sense to me. Over priced food, clothing etc.. Found out my manager is quitting in the next 2 weeks and the corp office is coming down on us like vultures. I was literally told that I will wear a belt with my uniform or be fired. Huh? They were in all day on Saturday and Sunday pulling clothing from our store to pitch in Denver. They are hoping to open another store at that airport. Good luck with that. Decided to not stress, not to get emotional involved in something I can’t fix nor will I be around long enough to care about. The management there keeps bugging me about quitting my job at bank to become a manager-umm no thanks!
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