Monday, November 13, 2006

The 5 Bestest Things About Christmas!

The Best Five Things About Christmas:

1. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer! Hermie cracks me up!!! "I wanna be a dentist!"

2. Church-yep! there's something "up lifting" about hearing a robust gospel choir belt out hymns, millions of candles, the smell of pine and seeing the nativity.

3. Tchiakovsky's- The Nutcracker". Well, ANYTHING by Tchaikovsky!
* P and I thought about naming our "child" Pitor Ilyich when we were together. Nothing like 2 loons making the world a better place!

4. Pumpkin bread and the smell!!!!! hmmmm!

5. Bright, twinkley Christmas lights. We do it better in the Midwest. You can see the entire Midwest outlined in Christmas lights from space!!!

Top Five Things I’d Like To Give Other People This Season (were cash not an object):

1. My folks a decent retirement-now!

2. Pay off all of my friends and family's debts and buy them all houses.

3. Happiness and stress free living

4. Take all of my friends and family on a month's vacation to someplace tropical where we can all swim, relax and all have massages!!!!

5. Huggies!!!

Top Five Favourite Christmas Traditions:

1. Sleeping in!!!!

2. Going over to my folk's house in my jammies!

3. Celebrating Christmas with my entire family Christmas Eve and my Mum, brothers and I on Christmas Day.

4. Having my two nieces over on Christmas Eve and seeing their happy faces!!!

5. Taking all my gifts home and spending the day figuring out where to put them!!!
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