Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I snapped on a woman in the grocery store the other night.Before I go on any further, I would like to say up front…. I hate grocery stores.It’s like people become little drunks when food shopping.They bang into your legs with their carts, never watch where they are going, stop, and converse with others in the middle of aisles, children running around knocking over shelf items. It’s crazy!

I had only about 15 items and decided to go through self-check out. I’m zipping along, scanning my items when I elbow someone when I take my bag off the bag hanger. I apologize, say, “excuse me,” and continue scanning. Then the same thing happens a couple of seconds later, I say the same thing but now I’m noticing that the woman behind me is sighing, grunting and looking at her watch every 2 seconds. I realize that she’s in a hurry and I start to speed up so she can use my machine.

As I start to hurry and realize she’s getting more impatient, I start dropping things. As I’m sincerely trying to hurry, a full bag of my purchases falls to the floor. The woman behind me sighs and goes up to the Customer Service counter. I stop to look at she’s doing and she walks back to tell me that she told the Customer Service person”…to come wipe off my scanner because it seems that I’m having issues.” I look at her confused and replied, “ I wasn’t but thanks, I guess” and continue with checking out. The woman behind me then sighs again and replies that she thinks I was. My “blinders” went on and that was it, I just snapped. I walked up to her and started saying something like “How dare you…” and ended with “…fuck you.” She snapped back at me that she was “…just trying to help.” and I immediately made her aware that she wasn’t fooling anyone with that passive/aggressive crap-that she was actually helping herself, not me. She said one more thing and before she could complete her sentence I snapped, that if she were smart she’d shut her yap and back the fuck up. She stood and stared at me for a moment so I stepped up to her eye-to-eye, indicating that I was serious in my request. She finally backed up and I noticed everyone around me staring. I immediately apologized and claimed that sort of episode was a rarity.

The Customer Service person asked if she could wipe down my scanner and I stepped aside so she could. I scanned, bagged, and paid for my groceries all the while continuing to apologize to everyone around me. As I walked out, I noticed that the woman behind me had decided to use another machine to check out.

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