Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Hair Issues

I’m going through some sort of a weight loss phase or something lately…. Couple of weeks ago I was noticing that my hair looked funny and didn’t accentuate my face but bogged it down. I made an appointment with my stylist to have all my hair cut completely off so I didn’t have to deal or think about it any more and my stylist talked me out of it. I mentioned it to P (my sanity) to which he laughed. He told me to stop and just calm down, all “things will fix themselves in time once you’ve lost all the weight you want”. Now, I’m going through a face phase. My face looks too small and pudgy. I’ve always had a fairly round face but it seems that my head is too small, my lips to small for my face, I feel like a friggin’ Picasso most days. I realize that yes, it’s probably due to the weight loss and getting used to my face and body changing.

Back stage Girls

I’ve never understood the women or girls who always go to concerts to sleep with the musicians and not go for the music. Why? I was explaining this to my Compadres this weekend. I LIKE MYSELF TOO MUCH, I want to preserve my dignity. People might look at you because you’re “hot”, but keep in mind that the guys want to have sex with you and the women would prefer to burn you at the stake. To wait for the musician to notice you, (and yes he notices you) and wait your turn to plant the idea that indeed you are available to him in any way is down right demeaning. Wouldn’t you prefer someone to like you, be with you because you’re intelligent, well read and nice? I know I would and I can’t say I understand why that musician needs to be the preverbal notch on your belt, he/she is a musician just like a stock broker is a stock broker. It’s their job, nothing more.

Weight Loss Issues

I have a friend who is now constantly insulting me about my weight loss. Went she comes to talk to me she ends up saying things like, “It’s ok that your dumb, your cute, some people find that attractive”, “don’t forget to flip that hair”, and mentions the fact that now I seem to think I’m all that. Now, let me make this clear, I have given her my “secret” weight loss regimen. She complained that she thought it too restrictive and to hard. As I have told her before, it requires a lot of hard work initially and once you hit goal, it becomes a bit less work. It’s a lifestyle not just a weight loss thing that requires watching what you eat for a few months. She constantly complains that she can’t seem to find anyone that is cerebral and losing some weight might make things easier. So I provide her with the tools and she insults me. So I’ve determined that for the time being she and I need to have some “space” in our friendship for awhile. Obviously, this weight loss thing has her feeling jealous or intimidated or whatever-I don’t understand. All I know is that it’s not my problem and I’ll allow her the time she needs to get over it.


I have concluded that I will NEVER be a “well endowed” girl! I have managed to lose half my breast size to weight loss. I have found this to be interesting since, when I was in college and weighed about 135lbs, I dated a guy who actually complained that my chest was too small. My response was a curt, “… well you don’t have to have sex with me then, and I’m thinking, perhaps your penis is a bit too small.” We didn’t date anymore after that.

Cell Phone

P just bought me a new cell phone and plan. It’s a bit bigger than my old cell (baby phone) and has a camera in it. So since getting it, I’ve been going picture crazy. The first couple of days I took pictures of people on the train who were picking their noses then a few days later took pictures of people picking their butt. If I could figure out how to download them to my computer, I’d post them! I’m a freak-I know!


Taking next semester (maybe) off because I might need to assess the Music program over at St. Kate’s. I may or may not be able to continue my program or I may have to switch programs to get my BA. I’ll have to meet for several months with an advisor and deal with financial aid to see if my program needs can be met. I would like to dynamically have a “academic schedule” made up of what I need to take very semester so I can graduate in the next 2 years. Unfortunately, I can’t do this until I receive the final grade from my current Comp class. Bummer! Then onto the masters program!!!


I wish I were a people person-a person who enjoys dealing with people. While I enjoy talking to people and hearing their stories and experiences, I can’t say I much like dealing with the public. I get too damn annoyed at people’s disrespect of others. For example, talking loudly on a cell phone while riding the train. OK, modern technology is such that you can practically whisper into your phone and the person at the other end should and can hear you. One of the reason’s I chose to live out in the countryis so I wouldn't have to deal with people so much. Now, the “urban sprawl” is moving into my back yard. Bummer because I don’t want to deal with someone’s dog crapping in my yard, or having to worry about someone possibly hitting me with their car when I go jogging. I certainly don’t want to hear some kids rap music pulsing out of their car speakers and having the bass so high that it makes my windows shake. Ridiculous!


I since daylight savings time is upon us, I’ve been able to see the sun rise every morning from my bedroom. What it is to wake up, see the sunrise while listening to “I Don’t Want to Live without You” by Foreigner or “How Deep is Your Love” by the Bee Gee’s on the radio. Fantastic!
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