Monday, September 04, 2006

House-Painting Done!

I'd forgotten after the Nelson show that I'd sent out invites for people to come over and help me finish painting the inside of my house. Not many people had shown up but enough did. Ernesto, myself and my 2 brothers. My brothers tackled the 20 foot walls and any other "high" portion of my house and Ernesto and I tackled the entryway and up the lower stairs. It ook all day but it turned out fabulous. I ended up having to do my portion over because apparently the first gallon of paint was 12 months old and the second gallon was brand new so we had this weird collage of dark and light paint on the wall instead of it all being the same hue. Oh well, it's now done and in the next few weeks I'll be adding what I call "Alice in Wonderland" touches to it. There are a few architectual embellishments/built-ins that I decided to enhance by painting them a different color. I'm going to have 2 in red, 2 in green, one purple, one blue and a couple in yellow.

It's done and I'm very happy that I can finally put up some art and pictures I've been collecting for the past 13 months. Yeah, it's been 13 months since I bought the house and I have to say that I love my house more than anything. If it were a guy-I'd date it!
Thanks to Ernesto and my two freaky brothers for helping complete something that I couldn't complete on my own!!!

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