Saturday, September 02, 2006

Future Husband

Pretty sad to admit it… but yes, I do in fact have such an idea of the "perfect" guy rolling around in this brain of mine. I got it all laid out, I have a list of what qualities he MUST possess, qualities he MUST NOT, and most importantly, a list of qualities I NEED TO HAVE if I were to ever attract this guy. Most of this list however I've spent a good part of 20 years mastering and am in the thick of it. So I'm hoping, er, thinking I'm ready for that fateful day when I will just KNOW. Granted, there have been 2 times where I thought I was either 1. ready or 2. "this guy" is the ONE and been disppointed at myself and them.

There is a torn and tattered post it that is water smudged and weathered from many years of being carried in my wallet. I'd written a poetic description of my future, it was back when I was in my early twenties, after I'd broken up with (X)Erik. I told myself I wouldn't share it with anyone as I like to keep my "cheese" factor to myself. In my progress to become a better person, I've come to realize that it wouldn't be very smart for the woman who would be so ideal for that special man to be selfish, since being less so is one that I'm constantly working on.

When I wrote this, I had him perfectly in mind, how his reaction would be, how mine would be, I don't want him to neccesarily smoke but it just seemed appropriate at the time. It was also loosely based on a guy who I had met and realized later was an, there you go! Enjoy!

The Kiss
He walked into the room where I was talking with friends.
He was just as I envisioned,
A rebel in leather, full of mystery and sin.
with a marlboro in his mouth and worn boots on his feet.
I couldn't resist,
before he spoke I pulled the cigerette from his lips and pressed my mouth against his.
He wasn't surprised and kissed me as though we'd been lovers forever.
I felt everyone's eyes upon us and all conversation seemed to cease.
When he finally released me,
he looked deep into my eyes and smiled.
He then turned and disappeared into the night without a word,
leaving my memory branded for life.
by K 1991
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