Monday, September 04, 2006

Back from Nelsonland

Well, I'm back from my mini vacation. I gots a story to share about it, it IS a story too!

The night before I left for Green Bay, I attempted to obtain a cash advance to take along with me. Now, my PIN has been the same for quite sometime and for some reason it wasn't working and after 3 attempts my credit card was " eaten by the ATM". Keep in mind that I work for the same bank I actually bank with. I called credit services and was told that my card would be cancelled and another sent to my home, no way it could be shipped in time for my trip. Not happy but oh well...shit happens.

Sunday- I had reserved a rental car a month in advance, I had arranged for P to drop me off and watch the house and fuffers while I was gone. As planned he dropped me off at the airport and I walked down to the rental car area. I was asked a few basic questions and gave the counter person my debit card. She then asked me for another type of payment becuase my card kept declining. "What are you charging me"? I asked and she informed me that the entire total was $450. I just about had a cow. Of course it declined, I didn't have that much money in my account. "Why $450. I asked"? It was explained that there was a $350. deposot and $100. was just for the car. I looked at her for a minute and told her cancel the reservation and that I wasn't interested in renting the car any longer. Thank god P wasn't very far away because he needed to come back to the airport to get me. After spending 45 mins in the car explaining the situation to P, we sat and contimplated on what to do. I really wanted to go but I didn't HAVE to go, but then one of "The Ladies" called to check on me and see when I was leaving. I was quickly reminded that my being in Green Bay was contigent to other people. I was to share expenses and didn't want soemone else to soak up my quarter becuase I wasn't thinking. I decided to tkae my own car, even though it has 160,000 miles on it. That idea was immediatiely nixed by P who demanded that for my safety, I should take his car. After arguing for 30 mins, I was on the road for the 4 hr drive to Green Bay. I was a bit outside of the Twin Cities when I decided to fill up the car. I used my bank card and for some reason it declined. I figured, whatever and paid for the gas witht he $100. I was given earlier.

4 hours later I arrive in Green Bay. I had directions to the hotel where 2 of my g-friends and I were staying but not to the casino where the show was. I had received a call for "The Ladies" and hour earlier indicating that I should meet them there. I stopped nad asked for directions, which I followed and "found" the casino. Once inside it was obvious that it was not the correct one. I spent the good part of an hour trying to find the place and sure enough at 7:35p I arrive at teh "correct" casino and run in to find the girls and grab a seat to watch the Twins. I have to confess it took me about 30mins to relax due to the days events. The show was fantastic though and I decided to pass on meeting them and getting my picture taken since I was sorta smarmy from having that 5 hour adrenaline rush and being in the car all day. After the show a couple of "The Ladies" and I went for dinner, where I tried my bank card and found it to be declined again. hmmmm...

Monday- I called Customer Service at the bank and was told that instead of my credit card being cancelled, the credit rep cancelled my bank card on accident. I was told to go to the nearest branch in Green Bay and they could reactivate my bank card. I spent about an hour in the branch manager's office attempting to repair the damage that are my finances. It was decided to cancel both my credit and bank card, have new ones sent to my house and to withdraw the $80 max from my checking account so I could eat and get back home. At this point I didn't care as long as I could just get home. I then went back to the hotel, where "The Ladies" and I got ready for the second night of Nelson. The show was fabulous and one of the girls asked the Twins if they were interested in going out to grab some eats with us. We ended our high at Perkins....
Tuesday-One of "The Ladies" drove to the show in a convertable. We cruised around and went shopping before going back to our rooms and getting ready for the last show. The last show was as usual-terrific. They played "Can't Get Enough of your Love" by Bad Company. One of my favorite songs. It always reminds me of the first time I date someone or bring them home-either one! We all talked about the next show (this was the last time they'd be in the Midwest for 6 months) and the next city we'd be seeing them in. Because I'm a HUGE chicken shit, one of "The Ladies" asked Gunnar to say hi to me, which he did and I swear (here comes the cheese!) I practically jumped out of my seat to say hi! I was talking to one of "The Ladies" , near Matthew and Gunnar when I noticed Matthew handing out his guitar piks. Of course, I had to have one, which like a spaz I politely thanked him and curtsied! Afterward, "The Ladies" and myself decided to grab some eats at the restaurant attached to the casino but ended up at the bar 15mins before close. We sat in the dim light and talked about the Twins, what the up and coming months held for us and out plans for the next show in 6 months. I felt a bit sad, I think we all did that it was over and we had to get back to the Really Real World.
We got up at a "reasonable" hour and took some departing pictures before we all left to go back home. 4 hours later I was back in the Twin Cities in the creature comforts of my beautiful home. I profusely thanked P for leanding me his car, watching the house and taking care of the fuffers while I was gone. I filled his tank with gas and washed his car as an additional thank you for making my vacation happen. I was glad to be home.

Thanks to "The Ladies" aka "My Ladies in Waiting" and the Nelson brothers for a great and restful vacation because by all accounts, I should not have been there!!!!!
Also thanks to P for ummmm, everything!!!!

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